It is not cold in Greece

It is not cold in Greece
It is not cold in Greece

Sunday afternoon at Schinias beach. Cicadas, deckchairs, the rocking of a hammock in the pines, the smell of sunscreen, heat and sea.

The verse says that it is not cold in Greece. September is still summer. The weather may have deteriorated for the moment, but not our mood. Nothing seems to dampen our spirits for a little more summer. The mood of a country on a slice of beach.

In Britain they are now talking about a “winter humanitarian crisis”. The cold in the homes will be so much that experts fear for “terrifying effects” on children’s health. If energy costs are not curbed, British research says, then children will face respiratory diseases with long-term effects that will show up in adulthood. The “cold crisis”, as they call it, in addition to health problems will increase educational inequalities as children from the poorest families will not be able to do their homework at home.

Those who have lived through the financial crisis know well what it is like to live in a cold house. It’s not so much the cold you feel when you get out of a warm bed or when you curl up under a blanket to watch a movie. You feel it in the little things. Like when the clothes in the closet are frozen or when you can’t touch the cold walls of the house.

France has for days declared the end of abundance and has set a goal to reduce energy consumption by 10% in public and households, Germany announces measures to get out the winter, Belgium puts a ceiling on the heating of public buildings and switches everything off lights in the afternoon, Italy, despite the political test it is going through, tells citizens that in winter they will have to reduce their radiators by 2 degrees, the intensity of evening lighting will be reduced, shops and restaurants will close earlier, similar measures are being considered Spain.

Citizens in the above countries may be reacting, annoyed or even nervous that once again their way of life will change, but they are still learning, waiting and preparing for the difficult winter ahead. No one will like it, but few will say they didn’t know.

Here, however, the political climate around energy is not winter, not even autumn. It will still be summer at TIF. The woolen ones are in the closets.

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