Who is right and who is fooling the world?

Who is right and who is fooling the world?
Who is right and who is fooling the world?

The Mayor of Komotini talks about “inexperienced tourists” in Komotini, while the president of EBE Rodopis talks about “zero tourism” – What is actually true?

The Mayor of Komotini, Yiannis Garanis, and the president of the Rodopi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nikos Angelidis, express diametrically opposed views on the tourist movement in the Rhodope region.

According to Yannis Garanisthe city of Komotini attracted “infinite crowds” this year, as he characteristically said during the debate on the approval of the tourism program at the municipal council meeting on Monday, May 30.

“We had infinite world and I think no one can dispute that. Buses from nearby cities there were too many. The square was full at all the concerts. Isn’t this a part of tourism???” said the Mayor of Komotini, who included among the tourists even… students! He added, in fact, that his administration is the only one – unlike the previous ones – that “he took a step for tourism”.

At the same time, Mr Nikos Angelidis speaks of “zero tourism”. “The footprint of tourism in P.E. It is Rhodope almost zeroalthough approximately 1.5 million cars pass through the Nymphaea-Makaza vertical road every year”, emphasizes the president of the EBE Rodopis in the summary note on the current economic situation in the Rhodopes that he delivered to the prime minister.

The above positions of the two leading local actors, as anyone can reasonably see, are contradictory. Quite simply, both cannot be true, i.e. to attract “infinite number of people” to Komotini and at the same time have “almost zero tourism”.

We will not take a position because we do not wish to influence anyone, but we invite the residents of Komotini to question themselves and draw their own conclusions. Who is right and who is mocking them by “selling them seaweed for silk ribbons”?

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