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The first step has been taken. THE National our team with the duo Tyler DorseyJohn Antetokounmpo to put 54 from the 89 points she won 89-85 despite the absence of Papagianni and Costa Antetokounmpo the full Croatian of Hezonia, Bogdanovic, Saric and Zoobats.

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THE Croatian she was the one who took the reins in the score at the beginning of the match with her National We were sluggish defensively and without nerve, leading 8-3 and 10-5. His voices Here they took place immediately after our team started to get nervous in the defense forcing them Croats in individual hasty actions while aggressively the triplet of brothers John and Death Antetokounmpo with the appetizer Dorsey it was all the money.

The three of them scored the first 17 points of our team, which with a partial score of 17-4 outscored 22-12 with 2/2 three-pointers by Dorsey who continuing at the same tempo reminding Stephen Curry arrived at 18 points on 4/4 three-pointers raising the difference to 15 (36-21) and a little later to its maximum value at 19 (40-21) with his… little hand Greek Freak in the 15th minute.

Half time found our team at +16 (46-30) despite the fact that except Dorsey (4/6 three-pointers) everyone else had 1/14 (!) with the difference remaining at these levels until the middle of the period (59-43 at 24′) with Agravani to give aggressive breath coming off the bench. But at that point in time his entry for Croatia Jalin Smith combined with the unwarranted relaxation of our defense changed the facts.

The naturalized American of Croatia scored 10 of his 14 points in the 3rd period and the Croatian with individual scores 17-3 in 4 racing minutes reduced to shooting distance (62-60 at 28′) and became threatening. Not for long though since our representative group reacted coolly. With his three-pointer Agravani and his incredible basket John Antetokounmpo in surprise it restored a security difference (70-62) at the end of the period.


At the beginning of the 4th period Croatian got close to 4 again (77-73) with a three-pointer by Bogdanovic but Dorsey, Agravanis and Giannis (who flirted with a triple double with 27 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists) turned it into 83-75. Croatia nevertheless bounced back after dropping to the basket (84-82) a minute and a half before the end with his basket Simon.

Dorsey’s mistake gave Croatia a chance to equalize but it was counting without him Antetokounmpo who made a save on a shot by Zubac and later in the phase from an assist by Baskets pin it upside down for it 86-82 40” before the end! Simmons missed a three-pointer for Croatia, and shortly thereafter Giannis Antetokounmpo put his signature wide opener with a… sick sequence phases. Cap on a three-point shot at Smith and while he was off the field he managed to re-enter, take off by surprise and score a scary basket and foul sealing her victory with 89-85 National us who continued the streak with her 10th win of in Eurobasket premiere from the 2001 and after!

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