Domestic violence – Horror from the revelations of the 29-year-old in Thessaloniki: The 6-year-old son was saving me from the wood

I’m so scared, I don’t want to be another woman who could be killed by her ex-husband tomorrow. I have two children to raise“, she says with tears in her eyes 29 years oldwhich denounced him seven times in absentia her husband for domestic violencebut despite the fact that he was convicted for all the cases, the court decided that his appeal should have a suspensive effect, with the consequence that he is free to move around and violates the security measures.

My wife originally from Albaniawho lives in Thessaloniki, emphasizes that she fears for her life, since o 38-year-old compatriot of hers, with whom they have been separated since March 2021, continues to approach her, threaten her and beat her. As she describes, her Golgotha ​​began when her young son was in age 4 monthsago approx 3.5 years and since then the accused did not stop beating her even for a single day.

My sister and my eldest son, who was 6 years old at the time, have saved my life twice. It was then that he grabbed me by the neck and told me “I’m going to make you a panorama”. My eldest son was crying and telling him “daddy leave mommy” and he is the one who has saved me many times“, says the woman in tears.

The two children are today 4 and 8 years old and almost every time their father physically attacks, curses and threatens their mother, it is in front of the incidents of domestic violence, as the 29-year-old says. She decided to ask for help in May 2020, when, as she complains, her ex-husband hit her on the back of the head as a result of which she ended up in the hospital and was hospitalized for two days. “I was covered in blood and I only remember the children and my sister being on top of me on the couch. I don’t remember anything else. I went to the hospital and stayed one day and one more nightsays the woman.

“He hits me at the slightest thing”

He lashes out at me for the slightest thing. He tells me “don’t ask where I am, don’t ask what I’m doing, don’t ask anything”, he doesn’t care about anything, not even the children. He gambles and is an alcoholic. Ever since we broke up, he keeps telling me “you are my wife and you will do whatever I say”. When my sister tells him not to hit me, he replies “she’s my wife and I do what I want”.“, he adds.

As the 29-year-old says afterwards, she is very afraid for her children as they are always in front of the attacks she receives. “They cover their ears with their hands and shout “daddy stop” and hide under the table. This is the worst you can see“, says the woman, noting that during the first years when her husband was abusing her, she was afraid to go to the authorities, because she did not have the necessary documents to stay in Greece.

Ever since I went to the hospital I said “enough, this far”. I had blood everywhere, the kids were on top of me and then I said I can’t take it anymore“, she emphasizes, while speaking about the fact that her estranged husband is free despite the convictions, she says that “I don’t know what else to do, it seems very strange to me, I think there are no laws here”. It’s seven times and still out. I’m asking him to come in or get out of here. I want him to set me free, to not live my life in fear. Not to be afraid that he will come from behind me and hit me».

The 29-year-old is terrified as, she says, her estranged husband continues to drop by her home and work and threaten her, causing her to live in constant fear. “I don’t want to be another woman who could be killed by my ex-husband tomorrow. I see on TV every week that women are being killed. There should be a law to stop this, so that tomorrow I am not a woman who can die, I have two children to raise“, ends up.

The statements of the 29-year-old

As the woman described in the last complaint she filed against her estranged husband, for the threats she received a few days ago, on August 26, “at 07.50 on 26.8.2022 he called me on my mobile while I was in Kalochori and said “I’m coming to find you, I’ll fix you up”. He didn’t manage to find me as he doesn’t know the exact location of my work, except that he is in Kalochori. At about 20.10 hours she herself came under my house and kept ringing the doorbell and wanted to go upstairs. Our children were absent anyway at a party of their friends. I immediately called 100 and at the sight of the patrol car that arrived she drove away running. His actions caused me fear and terror. I fear for my life and want him prosecuted as well as to stop this sick situation“, she states, among other things, in her testimony.

In the lawsuit filed on August 19complains that she received threats, slaps in the face and curses from the 38-year-old, while they were in a park in the Evosmos area, and all this in front of their minor children.

I am suing and requesting the legal punishment of my ex-husband, because on 19.8.2022 and around 22.15 at 1 Aristotelous Street in Evosmos, he insulted me and hit me in the face with his hand“, says the woman in her testimony, which is published by

My husband and I have been separated for about a year and we have two minor children aged 4, a male and an 8 year old male and we live in separate residences. Specifically on 19.8.2022 at around 22.00 my ex-husband appeared in the park and aggressively came at me saying “why don’t you pick up the cell phone baby you…ah c…oh your house” and I told him not to he deals with me even if he wants to hug the children and leave. After hugging the children again she turned to me saying “take the children and go home now, what are you doing here at this hour” in a wild tone. I then went to call the police because he was getting more and more nervous. At that time he took the cell phone from my hands and slapped me on the left cheek with his cuffed hand and as soon as my girlfriend called the police my ex-husband started running in an unknown direction“, says the 29-year-old.

He calls her…whistling

As he mentions speaking to, o lawyer for the 29-year-oldThanasis Stylidis, the incidents of violence began to be reported and brought to justice in March 2021, but despite the condemned decisions against the 38-year-old, the incidents of beatings and threats continue to this day, as a result of which the woman fears for her life but for both their children.

It is characteristic, after all, that most incidents of domestic violence take place in front of the minor children of the ex-couple, with the 38-year-old not calling the woman by her name but…whistling her to come to him, telling her that she is the dog and she must run whenever he calls her!

The woman’s first complaint, according to her lawyer, was made after advice and support she received from her sisterhowever her nightmare did not stop even after the prosecutions against him, the convictions and the protective measures, since all the decisions gave the right to suspend the sentence, after the appeal.

It is noted that the 38-year-old was also sentenced yesterday Thursday, for the umpteenth time, to one year in prison, which, however, is again suspended, due to the appeal filed by the accused.

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