Inflation “hit” pizza too

Inflation “hit” pizza too
Inflation “hit” pizza too

The prices of basic products have been driven into a rally, resulting in very large burdens on the family budget and affecting thousands of households. So after the souvlaki and the coffee, now the precision comes to hit the pizza too. Pizza, which for many consumers is the easy and cheap solution, is now even 15% more expensive than last year. Pricefox’s research on the average prices of pizza in Greece shows the price range in our country, but also in which neighborhoods the pizza hits “red”.
* Larissa: Hot prices for the most expensive pizza in Larissa at a price of 16 euros. On average, Larissa residents pay 7.5 euros for a pizza, with the cheapest starting at 4.5 euros.
* Volos: The price of a pizza in Volos starts from 4.5 euros, with the most expensive pizza climbing to 12 euros. The average price for pizza in Volos is at a good level compared to the rest of Greece with prices at 7.6 euros
* Attica: Pizza is particularly “salty” in Attica, with the average price now fixed at 9.8 euros. The most expensive pizza is 25.8 euros in Glyfada, the survey shows. In Attica, Kifisia with a maximum price of 24 euros, Kolonaki at 23.5 euros, Nea Smyrni at 19.3 euros and Psychiko at 19 euros (maximum prices) complete the top five in Attica. The cheapest pizzas can be found in the areas of Aegaleo, Peristeri, Kallithea, Piraeus and Nikaia, from around 5 euros. At average price levels, the 5 most expensive areas in Attica are Psychiko at 14.3 euros, Voula at 13.3 euros, Nea Smyrni at 13.1 euros, Kolonaki at 12.6 euros and Vouliagmeni at 12.5 euros. On the contrary, in Peristeri you will find the lowest average prices for pizza, at 6.2 euros, with the neighborhoods of Ampelokipus, Kypseli, Nikaia and Kamatero maintaining average prices below 7 euros.
* Thessaloniki: In the co-capital the average price of a pizza is 7.6 euros, with the most expensive prices reaching Kolonaki levels, even 18 euros. However, the people of Thessaloniki can enjoy some of the cheapest pizzas in the country from just 4.5 euros.
* Patras: The average price of a pizza hovers around 7.9 euros, with prices starting at 4.5 euros, while the people of Patras pay up to 13 euros for the most expensive pizza in town.
* Crete: With transport costs constantly increasing, pizza in Crete costs an average of 8.7 euros, a price that ranks it second only to Attica. The most expensive pizza in Crete reaches 16.5 euros, with the cheapest starting at 5 euros.

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