The crisis with Maximos that lasted 12 hours

The crisis with Maximos that lasted 12 hours
The crisis with Maximos that lasted 12 hours

It’s around 21:00 on Wednesday nightwhen his speech is completed Costas Karamanlis in Anogeiaat the commemoration event for his 10 years Giannis Kefalogiannis. In fact, it is the beginning of a few hours with orgy background, with intensity and with a quick recession at the end. A story that is more or less reminiscent of others intra-party unrest-express that have taken place during the six and a half years of the presidency of Mr. Mitsotakis in the ND.

Its factors Megaros Maximos they were surprised by the style of specific wordings of Mr. Karamanlis on the wiretapping case. This follows from the reassuring messages broadcast by associates of Mr. Karamanlis on Wednesday morning that his intervention will require the clarification of the Androulakis case, but by no means will it turn against the government.

A little after 21:30 the phones “turned on” and the first conversations were tense. The government, on principle, wanted not to comment.

The press pressure brought, however, a comment by Megaros Maximus, which listed the institutional initiatives taken by the government regarding the Androulakis case. Maximos did not want this to be perceived as a response to Kostas Karamanlis, but even if one bypasses this study, one cannot overlook Maximos’ non-reference in identifying positions with Mr. Karamanlis, as was done in other cases. That’s it declarative of the prevailing situation in those hours in the leadership of the government.

Bridges and folding
The underlying tension did not dissipate immediately. By morning, however, it was clear to many involved that the spark would have to be controlled before it spread. This role was assumed by a political figure with reference to Maximus but who also maintains a good relationship with the former prime minister. The political figure in question acted as a bridge-builder, conveying to the former prime minister the message that tones must be lowered. Despite the raging scenarios in the political arena, Mr. Mitsotakis and Karamanlis did not speak yesterdaywithout this in itself meaning anything.

The early hours of Thursday were admittedly critical. At the Maximos Palace, the morning coffee was meeting at the same time, with several absences due to the of the Prime Minister’s visit to Northern Greece. There, a management strategy was drawn up on the basis that the matter should end and the government explain that the former prime minister said, in essence, what the government is saying and doing in practice to clear up the case.

The interesting fact, however, was that, before the briefing of the political editors that would be done by the government representative Giannis Oikonomou, the former prime minister through his associates triggered the armistice. The associates of Mr. Karamanlis called on “anyone to carefully read yesterday’s controversial excerpt of the former prime minister’s speech to find that it did not contain sharp points against the government, but that he said self-evident things, so that shadows and rumors do not poison public life.” . It was an unexpected move on the part of Panagi Kyriakou.

The leak in question… made it easier for Mr. Economou, who then from his step briefing wanted to give the message that there is no Maximos-Karamanlis dichotomy. Extremely interesting was the fact that Akis Skertsos, the not so Karamanli Minister of State, did the same in his interview on SKAI radio. “The government agrees with what the former prime minister, Costas Karamanlis, said. This is a serious failure and a very serious case”, emphasized Mr. Skertsos.

The reception in Serres

A key role in de-escalating the situation was also played by Prime Minister’s visit to Serreswhich had been planned for days, in the context of Mr. Mitsotakis’ ascension to Thessaloniki for a meeting with the productive bodies of Northern Greece.

In the cradle of Karamanism and its traditional “castle”. SW, Mr. Mitsotakis always had by his side the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Kostas Karamanlis, who is not only the first deputy of the prefecture, but also the representative of the family in the seat of the Karamanlis. Mr. Mitsotakis received a warm welcome from the people of Serra, while the mayor of the city, Alexandros Chrysafis, who maintains a close relationship with Karamanlis familypresented the prime minister with a photograph found in the family’s extensive archive, from when he was just 8 years old, in which he shakes hands with Konstantinos Karamanlis. A photo that, allegorically, could also be understood as a direct link to him founder of ND.

“There is no point in having tension,” a blue-collar executive with direct knowledge of the entire background that was published told He, however, adds that the frontline of “Karamanism” is always the faction, therefore unity would not be allowed to be shaken in a difficult period for the ND. According to information from, the opinion that unity is not meant to be endangered are also historical executives of ND with direct reference to the founder of the faction himself.

The next “date”, however, is only a week away, as Mr. Karamanlis will attend the TIF and in the prime minister’s speech next Saturday in Vellideio, being in the first row. It remains to be seen if this time he will want to make a brief statement to the cameras. Journalists, however, will be waiting for him with perhaps greater interest than in other years.

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