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“He was a very strong man… I didn’t even think about the complaint”

“He was a very strong man… I didn’t even think about the complaint”
“He was a very strong man… I didn’t even think about the complaint”

“Filippides was a very strong man… I didn’t even think about the complaint.” With these words, a close friend of the second complainant, who accuses the well-known actor of attempting to rape her in the dressing room of the theater in 2010, explained to the court the choice of… silence that he recommended to her, when she confessed to her what they had happen.

“I’m ashamed but I didn’t think about it. I didn’t have the courage… Philippides was a very strong man. I didn’t think it was happening, maybe I didn’t want to believe it. I shouldn’t have handled it like that. I was trying to comfort my friend. I didn’t even think about filing a complaint. I’m sorry … I didn’t think of it,” testified the witness.

It was in 2010, when the second complainant called her friend from drama school to excitedly tell her that she had met Petros Filippidis and would be substituting in the play “Bakalogatos”.

But after the date she had with him at the theater, everything changed and the young actress could not hide her upset when she met her friend. “I had a man in front of me who was very upset. I told her to calm down and we’ll see what we do. At that time, her cell phone rang. We saw that a message came from Mr. Filippidis. It was very obscene. Probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. He was asking for sexual acts and telling her that he will not get away with it next time,” the witness described.

According to the witness, the accused threatened her friend to destroy her, seeing her reaction. “He told me that she was shouting and trying to push him away. In her attempt to escape, she knocked and so the accused found the opportunity to approach her again,” said the witness and, visibly moved, she continued: “He reached the door and told her he was going to destroy it. He managed to get away.”

The witness received many questions about the collaboration she had, with P. Filippidis, in 2016 at the National Theatre, in “Death of the Merchant”.

Witness: We had a very good collaboration. He’s talented. We had a good, typical relationship. We never worked together again. In 2017, his assistant called me to work together, but I had booked someone else.

The witness added, however, that she was disturbed as soon as she heard the proposal because she had heard about his abusive behavior, extramarital affairs, but her colleagues assured her that at the National Theater she would not be able to do such things.

Prosecutor: I’m wondering that while something so serious has happened to your girlfriend, how did you work with him?

Witness: Being an actor is a very tough job. I had a contract with the National, I am not from a rich family, I could not afford not to work. When things are so difficult you can betray your solidarity.

Prosecutor: Did you get her?

Witness: Yes, I informed her immediately. He told me to go to work, that it will be at the National and the environment will be protected.

As for the congratulatory message that the witness had sent to the accused for his celebration, she said that “it was somewhat diplomatic».

The article is in Greek

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