Patrini actress Fotini Demiri plays in “Red River: The Sequel”

Patrini actress Fotini Demiri plays in “Red River: The Sequel”
Patrini actress Fotini Demiri plays in “Red River: The Sequel”

The beloved actress Fotini Demiri, who is known to be from Kaminia in Patras, as we saw in the promotional trailer of the series “The Red River: The Continuation” which will soon start airing on the Open channel, plays a dramatic role that will pin down.

Two years later, the story that won millions of TV viewers, moved and loved, comes to take us back in time. The direction of the series is again by Manousos Manousakis. Fotini Demiri, whom the general public came to know and love from the series “The Coffee of Joy” by Haris Roma, embodies in “Red River: The Continuation” the mother of Anna Magou, the actress who plays the pained Anthi. Anthi is a refugee girl who arrives in Thessaloniki in a panic, leaving Pontus. While her mother, Fotini Demiri, is detained in the Karabournaki area for “disinfection”, Anthi lives nightmares.

Karabournaki was a “disinfectant” area. Then there was the fear that the refugees carried with them many contagious diseases, so they were taken to such decontamination centers. Thus, mother and daughter are separated, and these scenes are shocking.

“I have heard from my grandmother, telling me similar stories to the ones we will watch in the Red River. It’s all in our blood”Fotini Demiri said to the camera of the Open show “Poios esita Proiniatika”, as we saw on

Sotiris Hatzakis, Iro Moukiou, Christos Fotidis, Marianthi Sontaki and Christina Alexanian who play in OPEN’s drama series “The Red River, The Continuation” directed by Manousos Manousakis also spoke on the same show.

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