Apostolis Dimitropoulos left the Ministry of Education with a bang

Apostolis Dimitropoulos left the Ministry of Education with a bang
Apostolis Dimitropoulos left the Ministry of Education with a bang

The position of Secretary General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, in which Mr. Apostolis Dimitropoulosis taken over by the president of the Hellenic Open University and former rector of the University of Crete, professor Odysseus-Ioannis Zoras.

The outgoing General Secretary of Higher Education, Apostolis Dimitropoulos, made the following statement which reveals the reasons for his resignation – replacement:

“The new law on universities, in the drafting of which I had the honor to participate, undoubtedly gives great possibilities and freedoms which, if properly used, will allow institutions to take important steps forward. But I am afraid that, as a whole, the law does not contain all those guarantees that should accompany the freedoms it provides. I tried my best, but I wasn’t convinced about it.”

According to alfavita.gr, the former General Secretary of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education also noted:

After 3 years, another circle closes. Thanks to the other members of the political leadership of the Ministry of Education, to my colleagues in the General Secretariat of Higher Education, to the executives and employees of the Ministry, but also to the response of the universities to the initiatives we undertook, we achieved a lot and tried much more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of them and to each of them separately for the exciting journey!

The implementation of the law in the first 10 universities, which has already started, must be evaluated at every step, as everyone and everything should be evaluated in education. Improvements and corrections can always be made, before the application is extended to all institutions. The important thing is to achieve the goal we all share of a modern, autonomous, open and extroverted university, with meritocracy and without internal barriers. So that the opportunity for a big, necessary and mature change in the universities and in the country is not permanently lost.

I especially thank Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the honor and trust he showed me. I wish him every success in the difficult task of restoring the country in difficult times that he has undertaken.

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