TEF is coming, the city is “beautifying”

TEF is coming, the city is “beautifying”
TEF is coming, the city is “beautifying”

In view of the opening of the organization of the 86th TIF, the work and the “consolidation” in the areas around the Exhibition are at their peak, according to the “custom” of many years.

Since the morning, crews of the Municipality of Thessaloniki have been in the small park of CHANTH and on Manoli Andronikou street, cutting trees.

And of course at the sight of the cut trees, many were those who wondered if it is a coincidence that this whole process takes place just a few days before TIF opens its gates.

What is the truth about what is happening around the TIF facilities?

The towering poplars were cut down because they were dangerous, as Mr. Konstantinos Kyriakou, forester in the service of the Municipality, reports to Parallaxi: “The specific trees had to be cut down, because they were extremely dangerous. Due to their age and their large size, their branches had a lot of weight and were in danger of breaking, as happened a few days ago in Toumba.”


Poplars show a peculiarity in terms of their roots, which over the years can contribute to the fall of the trees.

Mr. Kyriakou explains: “Their roots are not perpendicular to the ground like other trees, but grow almost parallel to the surface of the ground. This results in the trees – after a certain age and size – not being well supported and becoming dangerous.”


But apart from age, another factor that weakens trees, making them vulnerable and dangerous is the lack of water. “The trees of Thessaloniki are suffering from a lack of water, due to a change in the urban climate. This lack has the consequence that there is not enough water from the root to the top of the trees and thus somehow breaking large branches or even the entire trunk”.


An employee of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki informed us that the museum has sent a request to the Municipality for a year, due to the danger of the specific trees. The mechanisms of care, however, were probably activated shortly before the opening of the Exhibition and the impending visit of the Prime Minister.


“The cutting of the specific trees would have been done anyway during the pruning season that starts in the winter, but maybe due to the large number of people expected in the area due to the TIF, it has been expedited,” Mr. Kyriakou says in this regard to Parallaxi.


The Archaeological Museum faces another problem, which concerns trees that have already been cut down, but whose roots remain in place until they dry out, having deformed the pavement and making it dangerous for pedestrians. In fact, the museum staff tries to dry the roots on their own initiative and in environmentally friendly ways.

The flowers, of course, were planted in the flowerbeds and are waiting for officials and non-officials to rest their gaze from the – not too far away – ugliness of the city.


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