Inflation in Greece was at 11.1% in August

Inflation in Greece was at 11.1% in August
Inflation in Greece was at 11.1% in August

Annual inflation in the eurozone is expected to reach 9.1% in August 2022, from 8.9% in July according to a preliminary estimate by the European Statistical Office (Eurostat).

Looking at the main components of inflation in the euro area, energy is expected to have the highest annual rate in August (38.3%, up from 39.6% in July), followed by food, alcohol and tobacco (10, 6%, versus 9.8% in July ), non-energy industrial goods (5.0%, versus 4.5% in July) and services (3.8%, versus 3.7% in July).

In Greece, annual inflation is expected to decrease to 11.1% in August from 11.3% in July.

The highest level of inflation in the eurozone was recorded in August by Estonia (25.2%), Lithuania (21.1%) and Latvia (20.8%). It is followed by the Netherlands (13.6%), Slovakia (13.3%), Slovenia (11.5%) and Greece (11.1%).

The lowest inflation in the eurozone is recorded by France (6.5%), followed by Malta (7.1%) and Finland (7.6%).

In Germany, inflation in August stands at 8.8%, in Italy at 9%, in Spain at 10.3% and in Portugal at (9.4%).

Source: APE – MEB

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