Mourning in Rethymno for the 34-year-old bicyclist – 62-year-old fights for his life after a traffic accident (video) – Rethymno


The local community is shocked by the new traffic accident with the victim of a young man in Perama Mylopotamos, whose name was added on the evening of Wednesday, August 31 to the long list of the dead on the asphalt

  • A 34-year-old bicyclist died in a traffic accident outside Perama
  • Severe side-on collision between a vehicle and the unfortunate man’s motorcycle
  • He cooled down until he got to the hospital
  • And another traffic accident on the BOAK at the height of Geranio in Rethymnon

Lament today in Rethymnon from a new car accident that cost the life of a young man man from Mylopotamos. This is a 34-year-old man from Perama, whose thread of life was suddenly cut off last night.

It all happened on her night Wednesday, August 31, when the 34-year-old was riding his two-wheeled motorcycle in the direction from Rethymno to Perama, while an ICHE car was moving in the opposite direction of traffic. Unfortunately, the side-on collision between the two vehicles proved fatal for the 34-year-old lad.

From the severe collision of the two vehicles the young driver of the motorcycle severely wounded. Police forces and an EKAV ambulance immediately rushed to the scene to take the injured to the hospital. Unfortunately when the 34-year-old man arrived at the Bystander Emergency Department he had already passed out.

A few hours earlier than the fatal traffic accident in Perama, one another serious traffic accident with a 62-year-old victim the time of a motorcycle driver was noted on the northern road axis of Crete, at the height of Gerani. The data so far indicate that from the collision of the two-wheeled motorcycle driven by the 62-year-old with a passing car, the unfortunate Rethymnon was seriously injured.

The injured was taken to the hospital Rethymno with the doctors finding that he has severe brain injuries. He was immediately admitted for treatment in the Intensive Care Unit of the institution, where even today he is fighting his own difficult battle to stay alive.

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