“Field, meeting place”: an exhibition of contemporary art for…

“Field, meeting place”: an exhibition of contemporary art for…
“Field, meeting place”: an exhibition of contemporary art for…

The exhibition “Field, meeting place” is an undertaking, a place of meeting, coexistence and exchange of stories of different people through the prism of art, which the public will have the opportunity to visit from 6 to 18 September.

beyond the park, the exhibition continues in the area of ​​the Periodical Street “Schedia”, at “schedia home” in the city centre, as one of the main aims of the magazine is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens around the critical issues of homelessness, poverty and social exclusion. In the September 2022 issue #103 of “Design”, a tribute to the exhibition “Field, meeting place” is hosted.

Eleanna Martinou
Youla Hatzigeorgiou

Since the 19th century, the Field of Areos has been a public gathering place for the public for walking and recreation. The health crisis of the last three years brought the park back into the spotlight.

Babis Karalis

The exhibition in the Field of Ares opens on Tuesday, September 6, at 6:30 p.m.but the “home design” exhibition opens on Thursday, September 8 at 7 p.m.

Antonis Vathis

Children aged 9 to 12 will have the opportunity to participate in educational program “Transformations of public space”which will take place on Saturday, September 10, in the Field of Ares at 11 a.m. and the following Saturday at “schedia home” at 11 am.

Philipps Tsitsopoulos

Those who attend the exhibition on September 13 (7.30 pm) will have the opportunity to watch the artist-performer Filippo Tsitsopoulos in a special performance, just like other great works artists: Antonis Antoniou (Cyprus), Antonis Vathis (Greece), Nikos Iavazzo (Italy), Paolo Incarnato (Italy), Andreas Kallis (Cyprus), Babis Karalis (Greece), Eleni Lyra (Greece), Eleanna Martinou (Greece), Cornelia Mittendorfer (Austria), Eusevia Michaelidou (Greece), Frini Mouzakitou (Greece), Dimitra Papagianni (Greece), Andreas Savva (Cyprus), Dimitris Skurogiannis (Greece), Gioula Hatzigeorgiou (Cyprus)

Training program (limited number, email: [email protected]) | More information: AMKE Field, “Shedia” Street Journal

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