Petros Filippidis: “What are you looking at?” – The “explosion” of the actor in the trial

Petros Filippidis: “What are you looking at?” – The “explosion” of the actor in the trial
Petros Filippidis: “What are you looking at?” – The “explosion” of the actor in the trial

He appeared in the courtroom with his head bowed and was always silent during the hearing.

This attitude seems to have changed for Petros Filippidis, since today, both during the trial and during its interruption, his voice was heard for the first time and even to protest!

Specifically, during the testimony of a witness, when she referred to rumors and gossip surrounding his name, the actor, addressing his advocates in a strong tone, asked them to intervene and interrupt the witness.

In fact, a little later, during an interruption of the trial, Petros Filippidis got up from his seat, approached a man from the audience and said to him “What are you looking at me?”.

The man replied “you are doing something wrong sir” and the actor left in a huff.

“He asked for sexual acts”

Earlier today, a friend of the complainant testified today at the trial of Petros Filippidis.

“I’m very ashamed, but I didn’t think about it. Mr. Filippides was a very powerful man. At that moment I did not believe that this thing was happening. I shouldn’t have handled it like that. I was trying to comfort my friend. I didn’t even think about filing a complaint. Sorry S. I didn’t think of that.’

With these words, the witness who was examined in the trial with the accused actor Petros Filippidis tried to explain to the court why, although she knew from the very first moment about the attempted rape against her friend, he did not encourage her to report what she had experienced since then to the competent courts authorities.

The witness is a close friend of the complainant from drama school and as she recounted in court, the alleged victim called her in 2010 excited that she had met Petros Filippidis and would be a substitute in the show “Bakalogatos”.

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