124 violations in one day

124 violations in one day
124 violations in one day

The “red” leads to Anchor the tension in Greek-Turkish relations. Simultaneously with verbal challenges and non-existent ones charges to NATO for the Greek S-300sthe Turkish Air Force advanced to 124 today violations (!) of the national airspace.

The vast majority of violations (89) were carried out by a Turkish drone while another 31 were carried out by the two CN-235 spy drones flown in Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean.

Of the 18 Turkish F-16s that moved towards Greek airspace, 8 were armed and there were 4 engagements with Greek surveillance aircraft.

In accordance with GEETHAthere were 16 violations of air traffic rules in Athens FIR.

The Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules, as is standard practice.

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