Western Thessaloniki and the extension of the metro are the government’s priorities

Western Thessaloniki and the extension of the metro are the government’s priorities
Western Thessaloniki and the extension of the metro are the government’s priorities

What was said at the Prime Minister’s meeting with the MPs of Thessaloniki A and B – The focus is on Western Thessaloniki.

Western Thessaloniki, subway completion and extension of the medium in the west in priority, wiretapping, measures to address the energy crisis and accuracy judgment, PAOK and Ari stadiums, minority shareholders of OASTHbut also social policy, policies for young people, for housing and support for pensioners were the topics that mainly occupied the meeting of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, with the deputies of the 1st and 2nd electoral district of Thessaloniki.

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The Prime Minister emphasized that at this year’s TIF his keynote address will be about central policies of the government and that today is the day of announcements for Thessaloniki.

Mr. Mitsotakis declared himself satisfied with the progress of the works in Thessaloniki and pointed out that if one project should be given priority now, it is the extension of the metro in western Thessaloniki.

The prime minister informed the parliamentarians that at this year’s TIF he intends to make an honest assessment of the government’s work and to give the perspective for dealing with and managing the difficult winter that is coming. Mr. Mitsotakis talked about the announcement of specific policies and measures in this context.

A report was made about the new stadiums of PAOK and Aris. In the first, he said that everything was done on the part of the State, which kept its commitments in full, while he said that there is a strong desire on the part of the government to proceed quickly with the issue of the exchange of plots, in order to start the works construction of the new stadium of Aris.

The MPs raised the issue of OASTH’s small shareholders, with the Prime Minister saying that the government will look into it.

We emphasize how society will respond to the crisis, the prime minister underlined.

Regarding the issue of wiretapping, Mr. Mitsotakis emphasized that the government will act exactly as it has acted up to now, that is, in an institutional manner and transparently. He reiterated that under no circumstances should the work of the EYP and the service itself be discredited because of this case.

Mr. Kostas Giulekas after the meeting emphasized that there was a comprehensive discussion on the issues of Thessaloniki. “We put special emphasis on the western side of the city where there is still a lot to be done for a balanced development,” he stressed. He noted that there was also a reference to Northern Greece as a whole as an area with real risks and therefore the State must strengthen the area.

Mr. Dimitris Kouvelas spoke of a substantial discussion in which the Prime Minister’s deep and lasting interest in Thessaloniki was confirmed. Mr. Kouvelas said that there is optimism both from the interventions of the government and from the plan to deal with the crisis, in the spring we will be better than we imagine. “For Thessaloniki, we agreed on the need to upgrade the development on the western side of the city and the even greater improvement of transportation to the priorities,” he underlined.

Mr. Theodoros Karaoglou pointed out that there are policies to deal with the general problems of society, as well as local issues. “The progress of the projects is evident and significant. We are optimistic for both the country and Thessaloniki, because the government has a specific and comprehensive agenda for the development of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece”, he noted.

“It was a very fruitful discussion”, emphasized Mrs. Anna Efthymiou and added: “The prime minister inaugurates construction sites and not tarpaulins. I gave particular importance to the new generation, to the part of professional rehabilitation, to the part of the perspectives that Thessaloniki offers, but also to the issue of housing policy. The government’s basket at the TIF for social policy will be full.”

Mr. Dimitris Vartzopoulos characterized the meeting as substantial and specific. “We are facing a difficult period, a difficult winter, with optimism, determination and certainty that everything will be fine,” he underlined.

“Thessaloniki, through the projects executed, auctioned and announced in the last three years, is changing its face. We are waiting and we will see the extension of the metro to the west”, emphasized Mr. Stratos Simopoulos.

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