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“It makes sense not to stand idly by”

His own response to the events that took place in yesterday’s live of in Catherine with punches, flying glasses and injured people gave the Snik, via his Instagram account.

It made sense not to stand idly by“, said trapper in a video he published, adding that while he was singing, a group challenged them by throwing bottles.

Good evening guys, good month, I woke up now and saw that once again there is misinformation about an issue that happened yesterday in Katerini at a club where I was playing. What I’m trying to say is that it makes sense not to stand idly by when a bunch of people below me are throwing bottles at us while I’m doing my job. I want to apologize to the people who were in the club yesterday who saw these images and have a good month.” he said.

The club is a battlefield

The incidents took place at dawn in a well-known club in Katerini Beach, that the acquaintance had planned to appear trapper

The shop turned into a ring in a few minutes, as bottles and stools were thrown. Snik also took part in the fight, who allegedly got off the stage and punched someone from the opposing party.

The panic lasted for about half an hour, while several patrons ran towards the exit to escape. Shortly after 4:30 in the morning, EKAV ambulances arrived at the store and took the injured from the wild wood that preceded it.

In the videos he secured the, hundreds of patrons can be seen rioting outside the club while two ambulances pick up the injured. Two police patrol cars also rushed to the spot.

Battlefield the club that sang in Katerini 3

Snik: Wild wood live in Katerini

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