Peletidis for Panagiotis Kosionis: He believed, he healed, he fought with a vision

Peletidis for Panagiotis Kosionis: He believed, he healed, he fought with a vision
Peletidis for Panagiotis Kosionis: He believed, he healed, he fought with a vision

The mayor of Patreon, Kostas Peletidis, attended and spoke at the event held by the Cultural Association of Alyssia “Peiros”, to honor the memory of Panagiotis Kosionis, member of the KE of the KKE and MP of the Party, in the forecourt of the Primary School. And he said:

– 14 years have already passed since the day he left us and despite the time passing, we live and walk by his side even though he is no longer here. His struggles, ethos, personality are a legacy for all of us. He treated people selflessly, serving his science. We all justifiably called him a fighter, a popular doctor.

– He never complied with the system’s instructions, he did not remain silent, he did not tolerate exploitation. Organized in the Communist Party of Greece, he raised his voice against all those who deprive the people of their rights.

– Panagiotis Kosionis did not adapt, he did not bow his head. He entered the front of the struggle to create the conditions for the working class to take power and have the responsibility of governing the country.

– As an executive and MP of the KKE, he consistently fought for workers’ rights. “It will be seen who is right and who is wrong”, he said to those who attacked him for his “doctrinal” positions.
Today we can clearly see who won and who lost.

– He served our city, with passion, for about three decades. He entered the head of our ballot and claimed the Municipality of Patreon. Who doesn’t remember the struggles for the coastal zone, his quest to give the EOT beach, the Agiya marsh, the swimming pool area to the fathers. He fought for the formation of free spaces, for our people to use their free time creatively and pleasantly. His vision was to turn the garbage dump of Dymaion Coast into a breath of life. His vision became a reality with the creation of the South Park, enjoyed by young and old alike.

– Panagiotis Kosionis is no longer with us. But it is in our thoughts and in our hearts. And we always consider him a pioneer in the daily struggles for Patras, for our people, in the high expectations that all of us, his comrades, are building for tomorrow’s world.

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