Ryanair: Closes its base in Athens for the winter – The reasons | Lamianow.gr

Ryanair: Closes its base in Athens for the winter – The reasons | Lamianow.gr
Ryanair: Closes its base in Athens for the winter – The reasons | Lamianow.gr

In the decision to close its base in Athena the winter season progresses Ryanair.

In particular, from October 29 to the end of March, the Irish airline is releasing two of its aircraft from the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”reducing its itineraries to 10 from 29 which were planned. Oper means that the capacity will be reduced by almost half.

Ryanair will maintain 10 routes from Athens to Dublin, London, Brussels, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Budapest, Katowice, Vienna and Malta, no longer parking any aircraft at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.

Also, the Irish company, which has a share of the Greek market at around 7% (behind Aegean 38% and Sky Express 15%), will maintain its base in Thessaloniki and will operate routes to the co-capital and from Chania and from to the co-capital.

The reasons

It was led to this decision, as Ryanair maintains, due to the lack of incentives from the Greek airline and Fraport Greece, which also manages other regional airports, to boost its passenger traffic in the winter season.

In fact, according to information, he blames the government and “Eleftherios Venizelos” for maintaining non-competitive fees.

What does the company stand for?

“At a time when other governments and airports are reducing fees and introducing tourism recovery programs, the Greek government continues to apply high fees, making Greek access fees uncompetitive,” he says in Capital.gr the company’s CEO, Eddie Wilson.

“While this winter we will grow in Portugal by 21%, in Italy by 19% and in Spain by 17%, in Greece the capacity offered will be reduced by 40%,” commented Mr. Wilson, arguing that Ryanair, although it has submitted several proposals to Greek government, from November 2021, in which it is committed to doubling passenger traffic over a period of 5 years, to 10 million passengers per year, however, it did not receive any response.

“Greece is a wonderful and top travel destination, performing exceptionally well in the summer, resulting in many airports being overcrowded and lacking slots. However, for the development of the winter season, it is deemed necessary, among other things, to adopt incentives, so that Greece and Athens are not a seasonal destination” commented Mr. Wilson.

“Ryanair is growing significantly in Europe. With more than 150 new aircraft deliveries over the next 4 years, it is able to deliver rapid passenger growth, improving the connectivity and accessibility needed to boost the Greek tourism market throughout the year,” added the company’s CEO.


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