Sakkari: “The disappointment is great”

Sakkari: “The disappointment is great”
Sakkari: “The disappointment is great”

Maria Sakkari expressed her disappointment after her premature elimination in the 2nd round of the US Open by the Chinese, Wang, with statements she made to Eurosport Greece.

The 27-year-old tennis player particularly focused on the break she made in the third set and took a 3-1 lead, stressing that while she had the opportunity, she did not manage to maintain this lead until the end. She defined her next goal, which is to finish in the top eight of the Race in order to enter the Finals again this year.

The Greek champion argued: “I didn’t take advantage of the break I had in the third set and took a 3-1 lead. It was the biggest disappointment I could get.

If I could have held my serve at that point in time things would have been completely different. The disappointment is great. I’m very sad, I really wanted to continue in this tournament.

I knew that as the wins kept coming, I would find my form, feel better, find my strokes even more. Okay that’s tennis I guess.

It’s such a long season and that’s why there are various surprises. Planning is very difficult. We don’t have many opportunities, at least on the women’s tour to play big tournaments, so we have to play in everything and there is fatigue. For me it is a very strange year and from now on I will try to make the right decisions until the end of the season.

My goal until the end of the season is to finish in the top 8 again, I’m not talking about it. I’ll try to make it. I know that I am, as my mother says, “in the middle of the cake”, I will see what will be the right program to achieve it”.

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