Logiadis: Removal of permanency through DEKO – Heraklion

Logiadis: Removal of permanency through DEKO – Heraklion
Logiadis: Removal of permanency through DEKO – Heraklion

Question to the Ministers of Finance, Development and Investments, Transport and Infrastructure, from Heraklion Member of Parliament with MeRA25 Georgios Logiadis

In an article in the electronic press it is stated that the bill entitled: “Corporate governance of the Public Limited Companies and other subsidiaries of the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company, management of the State’s holdings in limited companies and arrangements for the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company, evaluation of the against the Public solvency and creditworthiness of natural and legal persons and establishment of an Independent Credit Evaluation Authority, establishment and operation of a Central Credit Registry”, brings painful changes for DEKO employees, including the removal of permanency, as well as the recruitment process which foresees is expected to open the “ascus of Aeolos” in the wider public sector.

The DEKO Transports (OASA, OSY, ST.SY etc.) belonging to the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company (EESYP) are targeted. The draft law concerns the corporate governance of public limited liability companies and the other subsidiaries of EESYP, as well as the management of the State’s holdings in limited liability companies.

Specifically as stated:

1) The permanence of employees of public enterprises is abolished, as it has already been judged jurisprudentially that indefinite-term contracts that refer in their articles of association for the reason of dismissal to provisions of the Civil Servant Code only for the serious reason of committing offenses are assimilated to contracts of permanent employees. In particular, in article 45 of the draft law under consultation, it is noted that: “From the entry into force of this, the following are repealed: 1. Paragraph 4 of article 4 on internal control in public enterprises and organizations, paragraphs 1 to 3 of article 7 on obligations of public enterprises, articles 10, 13, 14 and 18 of Law 3429/2005 (Α΄314) on the Interministerial Committee for Public Enterprises and Organizations, the newly hired and existing staff of Public Enterprises”.

2) The provisions defining staff recruitment procedures are repealed in accordance with the law on DEKOs and the procedure of collective agreements. In particular, based on “Article 30”, the recruitment regime is effectively removed from the substantive supervision of the ASEP and passes exclusively to the jurisdiction of the administrations of the DEKOs.

3) Attempts are being made to abolish public enterprises through the repeal of the most basic provisions of Law 3429/2005 on the obligations of DEKOs, the control of the General Accounting Office of the State, the supervising minister, the implementation of the Public Accounts, etc.

4) The DEKO Interministerial Committee is abolished in which, in addition to the Minister of Finance, the Ministers of Development, Transport and the competent supervising minister also participated. Essentially, all the provisions that defined public control and supervision of the state in public enterprises are abolished (approval of the strategic plans, the budget, collective agreements and signing, approval of recruitments, state subsidy through the state budget in case of need, etc.) .

In practice, the bill indirectly abolishes all public enterprises that had remained General Government Bodies and under the control of the state through the Public Accounting, public contracts, staff recruitment, etc., even though they had been subject to the EESYP at the request of the creditors.

In this way, the privatization of public transport (OASA, STA.SY., OSY) is indirectly attempted. And this despite the fact that there is the case law of the Council of State with the decision 190/2022 which prohibits the transfer of EYDAP shares to EESYP and imposes on the public utility services the “control of EYDAP S.A.” by the Greek State, not just by exercising supervision over it, but also through its share capital”.

A bill coming to settle the backlog.

Ask Mr. Ministers:

Will you proceed with its immediate withdrawal?

Why were the above changes proposed?

The article is in Greek

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