Rock Climbing School for Beginners from EOS Kozani

Rock Climbing School for Beginners from EOS Kozani
Rock Climbing School for Beginners from EOS Kozani

The E.O.S. Kozanis, under the auspices of the Hellenic Mountaineering Federation, announces the organization

Beginner Rock Climbing School in October 2022.

The main goal of the School is for the participants to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that allow them to climb independently, with maximum safety, in Organized Rock Climbing Fields.


Conditions / Who can participate

No previous experience is required for your participation, only good physical condition, love for nature and adventure. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Maximum number of participants: 15

Special equipment provided

The club provides each participant with full sets of climbing equipment (such as ropes, belays, helmets, carabiners, sets, etc.) in addition to climbing shoes.

EOAA certification

The School is recognized by the Hellenic Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (E.O.A.A.) and is organized according to its training regulations. Graduates are granted a certificate of successful attendance, which entitles them to continue in the higher levels of E.O.A.A.’s mountaineering education.

Objective / subject matter of the school

The course material includes basic climbing techniques and belaying techniques, so that after the end of the course the trainees can climb autonomously and with the maximum possible safety, on sport rock climbing routes and participate as second on low risk adventure routes.

Content and training methods:


1. History and types of climbing, mountaineering – climbing ethics and ethics.

2. Mountain environment with an emphasis on the Organized Rock Climbing Fields of Greece

3. Training, fitness (Preparation for climbing)

4. Sport Climbing Equipment (Ropes, belts, devices, sets)

5. Nutrition (In the field, before, during and after the climb)

6. Climbing expedition preparation and route execution (Study of routes by the climbing guide, selection of materials)

7. Identification of relays and unsafe relays – equipment

8. Dealing with Emergencies on Single Rope Routes (Abandonment, Injury)

9. First Aid (Basics)

10. Transporting an injured person (Basic principles)


1. Application of mountaineering ethics and morality

2. Preparation and execution of the route (Psychological and Physical preparation)

3. Basic body posture in Sport Rock Climbing

4. Climbing Techniques

5. Use of equipment

6. Knots

7. Belay of a rope mate (Leader, second, top-rope) with self-locking devices and non-

8. Rappelling Communication (Communication Code)

9. Climbing top-rope, second, lead, no-rope-travers-boulder

10. Falls (Demonstration, learning in negative, vertical and positive relief)

11. Rope Handling (Single Rope Case)

12. Relay Construction and Manipulations

13. Use of Temporary Safeguards

14. Rappelling on single rope routes up to 60 m

15. Climbing techniques (Use of hands, feet, body, boulder)

16. Technique improvement (twist-lock techniques, rest, thinking and self-concentration on the route)

17. Artificial climbing (Overtaking artificial)

18. Rope Mate Rescue (One Rope Only Cases) – Casualty Transport

The program

The program includes 10 days of practice and 7 hours of theory. The practice is carried out in organized climbing areas of Northern Greece (1-2/10 Kalamia & Lefkopigi Kozani, 8-9/10 Grevenon Cave, 22-23/10 Veria, 5-6/11 Meteora, 19-20/11 Meteora ). The theoretical courses will take place at the offices of EOS Kozani in Psilos Aelia, on the Friday before each practical course.

The school will start on Friday 30/09 with a theoretical lesson.


1. Medical opinion from a pathologist or cardiologist (within 6 months)
2. Three (3) small photographs in color or black and white
3. Photocopy of your police ID (both sides, not certified)

The cost of the School and what it includes

The training cost is €330 per person.


Technical equipment (sockets, helmets, ropes, etc.)
Instructor fees
Theoretical courses
Insurance coverage

The price does not include the necessary personal equipment (climbing shoes, clothing, etc.), transportation and overnight stays in any accommodations. It is noted that trainees must be club members of the mountaineering federation.

The trainee is obliged to comply with the instructions of the instructors of the school. The person in charge of the school has the right to interrupt the education of anyone who does not comply with the instructions of the instructors or, in his judgment, his behavior may endanger his own life or that of others.

The program depends on the prevailing weather conditions and can be modified at the discretion of the school manager, if this is necessary for the safety of the participants and the smooth running of the school

The head of training will be Panagiotis Theodorou, certified mountain climbing instructor of the EOAA.


For more information or clarifications about the program, contact the assistant instructor Dimitris Matiakis at tel. 6999005030 or the climbing administrator Kostas Bilionis at tel. 6946063279.


The school’s program complies with the Special Rock Climbing Protocol of the E.O.A.A. in combination with the instructions of the scientific committee of the GGA on safe exercise in organized sports venues.

The article is in Greek

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