“Kilometers of golden sand, with 10 euro gas and not even an hour from Athens (video)

“Kilometers of golden sand, with 10 euro gas and not even an hour from Athens (video)
“Kilometers of golden sand, with 10 euro gas and not even an hour from Athens (video)

Sometimes heaven is close to us and we don’t even expect it.

With only 10 euros of gas and not even an hour from the outskirts of Athens, you can find yourself in paradise. Rare pine forest (one of the few in Greece), more than 3 kilometers of golden sand and shallow, turquoise waters make up an incredible setting very close to Athens.

Haanity flies to the beach of Schinias and with the view from above, gives a new perspective.

Some facts about the area: Schinias or Schinias is a coastal area of ​​northeastern Attica and a small settlement. It is located at the northeastern end of the Marathon plain, in the coastal zone, and has one of the largest beaches in Attica. In the area of ​​Schinias, marshes are forming which are an important wetland. In Schinias there is also one of the largest pine forests in Greece (Schinias together with the forest of Strofylia in Achaia and the forest of Koukounaria in Skiathos are the most important pine forests in Greece, which bear the rare Koukounaria pine species Pinus Pinea).

Schinias beach is popular for summer baths. In the area of ​​Schinias, the rowing track was created for the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, with a capacity of 14,000 seats. At the western end of the beach of Schinias is the place where the battle of Marathon took place, while close to this area (about 4 km.) is the Tomb of Marathon.

The beach of Schinias is popular for summer bathing, while it has also been used for filming movies (e.g. in 1971 in the film Abuse of Power with Nikos Kourkoulos, where the finale of the film takes place in Schinias and in 2008 in the film I4 – Loofah and dispensation, where the camp on the island of the plot is located in the forest of Schinias) Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou loved the beach of Schinias and often started his day with a swim there, very early in the morning before going to his office.

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