All in the light – Will SYRIZA accept an investigation of its own period?

All in the light – Will SYRIZA accept an investigation of its own period?
All in the light – Will SYRIZA accept an investigation of its own period?

Product next year and until the elections, the political life of the country will fade away. Sometimes not with evidence of seriousness. SYRIZA MEP Stelios Kouloglou sued the government representative Yiannis Oikonomou, who accused him of taking an “anti-national stance” on the occasion of his joint presence at an event with the “activist”, Iason Apostolopoulos, for an OLAF report on the return of refugees to Aegean.

He was also annoyed because a government representative used the word “agos” for his attitude and he turned to the Babinioti dictionary where he learned that it is an “offensive, profane act, which goes against principles and values, which are considered sacred and inviolable”.

Why the intolerance? If for the conservative Economist it is an honor, for a radical it is a title of honor. Everyone has the right to be an iconoclast and to desecrate principles and values ​​that are considered sacred and inviolable. After all, this is how history, philosophy, political science, and social theory progressed from iconoclastic pioneers.

This is how customs and customs have changed over time, totems and taboos, stereotypes and prejudices have been overcome. This is how societies progressed. Why is it a charge? Rather included in the creation of political impressions is the move, like the out-of-court move to the iefimerida website for a related article by Sofia Giannakas.

Nevertheless, from a position of principle we advocate that in a civilized society only through justice should disputes be resolved. And now there is an obligation of the competent Ministry of Justice to find a formula so that these types of cases that interfere directly in the political process and produce a political result are quickly tried.

As well as the lawsuit filed by Failos Kranidiotis and Thanos Tzimeros against a Spiegel journalist who used his status as a translator and reported on the famous five-year-old girl Maria, who according to her family and the journalist, died from a scorpion sting on his islet Evros – which apparently did not belong to Greek territory.

The writer from here has defended the journalist’s right to use a fake ID to enter an area that is off-limits to the media. However, if he broadcast a false report that tarnished the image of the country, that is a different matter. And the case should be heard soon so as not to be left to the sweeping denunciation binge of mandated internet trolls or pre-convinced diehards.

(Incidentally, yesterday Spiegel hit back, accusing Mitsotakis of “Promoting himself as a reformer but ruling increasingly authoritarian.”) We would not be concerned with the charge against Mitsotakis if a key part of the article was not to focus “especially in the area of ​​immigration policy” as it states .

The columnist did not suggest that the German government immediately accept those whom Greece prevents. We would be happy to send them. But the rising humanitarians want their country protected from uncontrolled entry and Greece a pitiful hot spot of human existence. They themselves, far from sympathizing with third-world Muslims, will be content to publish Robespierre articles against inhumane Greece).

Therefore, if the Kranidiotis-Tzimeros lawsuit is heard quickly, it will also be an answer to Spiegel in the event that it has – if it has – registered a false report. He will be the one apologizing and lowering his accusatory tone (don’t let it escape us that we don’t need to worry too much. Europeans are governed by a racist, disparaging attitude against the “uncivilized Balkans”, as they also consider Greece).

We believe that the issues of the central political scene should be subject to the same direct investigation with full transparency. Yesterday, Alexis Tsipras visited the ADAE, while a delegation of the party’s KO met with the new commander of the EYP. The president of SYRIZA asked the Authority to answer how many political figures have been “connected”, “at least in the last 2 years, when the communication providers have the possibility to keep records”.

Clearly to be answered but it is a request for sure. He would give the impression that he really cares about the truth and is not using it as a petty political vehicle, if he asked to be investigated and how many of the 54,000 monitored during his administration were politicians.

Why is the journalist Kousoulos being prosecuted for publishing classified documents that prove that Tsipras was illegally monitoring even officials in his government, namely the then secretary of the cabinet Spyros Sayas and the deputy minister of development Stergios Piciorlas. The news was sent from Koumundourou that the monitoring of the two had begun by the Samara government. It can, although it is paradoxical.

Because then one was not the secretary of the Cabinet and the other the Deputy Minister of Development. So what’s the point of monitoring a case that concerned government echelons?

Therefore all in the light and whoever endures. From the KKE consensus on SYRIZA, the intimidating front-page email publication in Avgi about a judge who participated in the TV licenses, the monitoring of Saya – Pitsiorla, to the monitoring of Mitsotakis. Only in this way will there be a “purification” of the – real – ego and the investigation will not be turned into a political tool of impressions.

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