Patras Case: The first witnesses to the deaths of Malena and Iris testified

Patras Case: The first witnesses to the deaths of Malena and Iris testified
Patras Case: The first witnesses to the deaths of Malena and Iris testified

With the first two deposits started today interrogation for the category of aserial murder which the authorities attribute to the 34-year-old, temporarily detained for Georgina’s murder, Rula Pispirigoufor deaths of her two youngest children, Malena and Iris.

The 35th regular interrogator Eugenia Tzortzatou handling the case against Roula Pispirigou for the deaths of her 3.5-year-old Malenaon April 13, 2019, and just six months old Iris on March 21, 2021, received many hours of critical testimony today in order to form her own conviction regarding the criminally admissible scientific data in the deaths of the Daskalakis’ two youngest children.

First deposit received by Mrs. Georgetzatou, was that of the coroner Christina Tsakona. The medical examiner who made the first opinion after Malena’s death allegedly attributed the child’s death, which ended up in the oncology unit of the “Elpis” Hospital, to liver failure. Mrs. Tsakona is reported in her deposition to have insisted on the validity of the findings she had recorded, citing liver failure that may be due to hypoxiai.e. in oxygen deprivation.

Second witness who testified today is the pathologist Christos Eftychiadiswho after scientific research he carried out seems to have identified findings that attribute the deaths of Malena and Iris Daskalaki to violent suffocation. The scientist is the one who was called by the medical examiners Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogrias, who, by order of the Prosecutor’s Office, investigated the files of the two children, evaluate and re-evaluate the histological and all other data of Malena and Iris.

Mr. Eftychiadis is alleged, through specific scientific procedures and techniques, to have made a decisive contribution to the assessment that the two little girls had a violent suffocation death which not related to pathological causes but it is a result, according to the charge, criminal activity. The conclusions of Mr. Eftychiadis in combination with those of Mr. Karakoukis and Kalogria, who were instructed by the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the case of the two deaths from the beginning, are the ones who led on August 1st to bring criminal charges against the 34-year-old, already accused of the murder and an attempted murder against Georgina.

The investigative process will continue at a rapid pace and so tomorrow the head of the Forensic Service will testify before Mrs. Tjortzatou Nikos Karakoukis as well as the other medical examiner who co-signed the report delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office for the deaths of Malena and Iris, Mr. Nikos Kalogrias. The coroner, head of the Forensic Service of Patras, Angeliki Tsiola, who performed the autopsy on the death of Iris, is also expected to testify.

After the completion of the testimony of the scientists who dealt with the case in their capacity, the judicial officer will call the 34-year-old to an apology, which a few days ago announced that it will now have its only advocate Alexis Kouya. The 34-year-old, who is expected to be called to an apology at the end of the month, disputes, as in the case of Georgina, the findings that make her responsible for the deaths of her children.

Yes you do announcement issued by Mr. Kougias when he assumed the defense of the temporarily detained, referred to “judicial tragedy of Mrs. Sotiria Pispirigou».

The defense of R.Pispirigou also seems to questions both the findings of Mr. Eftychiadis and the conclusions of Mr. Karakouki and Kalogriawhose research according to Mr. Kouya “called a forensic review, without the two new medical examiners having either examined the dead bodies of the three dead girls, nor having appropriate scientific findings at their disposal».

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