Patras: New revelations about the elderly woman who was found dead in her apartment – Newsbomb – News

Patras: New revelations about the elderly woman who was found dead in her apartment – Newsbomb – News
Patras: New revelations about the elderly woman who was found dead in her apartment – Newsbomb – News

Patras: The elderly woman had requested help from the Police as early as 2014, while earlier she had also filed a lawsuit against her eldest son

The case of an elderly woman in Patras, who was found dead in her house last March, after a fire, has gained nationwide interest.

As the newspaper “Peloponnisos” wrote, one of her two sons has filed a complaint with the Patras First Instance Prosecutor’s Officeasking to investigate, if for the tragic death of his mother, there are criminal responsibilities of his older brotherlinking the case to her property, consisting of two small apartments and an estate.

The old woman was suffering from senile dementia. She lived in a small apartment with her eldest son, who had taken her legal support by court order, along with two other people, with the obligation to take care of her with her pension money.

THE younger son he claims in his petition that the assignment of legal support was made without the knowledge of him and his mother’s brothers, while he questions that the court never sought them out.

In the lawsuit, he accuses his older brother of conspiring with other people to take over their mother’s legal support, with the aim of appropriating her pension and real estate. In fact, she points out that his brother has an incurable gambling addiction and a psychiatric history, citing relevant documents and opinions, as well as sworn witness statements that he abused, threatened and neglected her constantly.

However, these claims are contradicted by members of the dead woman’s wider family circle, which refer to conflicts of interest. In a communication they had with the “Peloponnisos” newspaper, two relatives of the dead woman denied the claims of her youngest son and returned the complaints against him, saying that he “remembered his mother after her death, because he looked after her property” and that her other son, who was taking care of her, “had her in his arms.”

He was asking for help

However, with documents shown to “P” by the complaining son, his mother had asked for help from the Police as early as 2014, while earlier she had also filed a lawsuit against her eldest son, complaining that he was abusing, abusive, brutal and cruel with her, and that he required her pension to let her stay at home.

In specific incidentit was reported that he had locked her out of the house, while stating that “he gambles and drinks all the time” and threatened to “stab us all”.

After these incidents, a prosecutor’s order had requested his psychiatric evaluation and the competent clinic of the PGNP had certified that he suffered from psychiatric disorders and pathological gambling, recommending his hospitalization. Nevertheless, after a few years, a court decided to give him and two other people the legal support of his helpless mother.

But, him September 2021there were named complaints to the social service of the Municipality of Patreon, by people who took care of the helpless woman, who claimed to have seen signs of abuse and exploitation.

The head of the service, me urgent service memo to the First Instance Prosecutor’s Office, transferred the above complaints as well as the service’s conclusions, after an on-site autopsy in the apartment where the woman’s poor and completely inadequate living conditions were found.

In daily danger

The head of the social service established that the son, who had assumed the status of his mother’s supporter, was not taking care of her with her pension, as he had an obligation, while the members of the supervisory board were not doing their job and concluded that the woman was living in life-threatening conditions.

“…This particular one is in daily danger, exposed to bad living conditions and financially exploitable by the particular judicial supporter” concludes the report of the social service of the Municipality of Patreon.

After that, the October 2021, the First Instance Prosecutor’s Office requested in an urgent document from the Social Organization of the Municipality of Patreon to notify if there was another close relative, association or institution suitable to appoint a new legal aid to the elderly woman, otherwise legal aid should be assigned to the competent social service.

For unexplained reasons, there has been no further action since then, to arrive in March 2022, where the unfortunate woman was found dead inside her home, after putting out a fire, the causes of which are still being investigated by the fire department.

They also sold an apartment

After her death, the youngest son started an investigation, which led to the finding that months before, his brother had sold their mother’s small, but fully renovated apartment for 7000 euros, while he had even left bills unpaid.

The complaining son is currently looking for responsibility for his mother’s death, while he considers the assignment of legal assistance to his older brother to be crucial, which should also be investigated.

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