Thriller between Romanos and Patras: They saved him with continuous kneading on the farmer’s cart

In some cases it is not enough to just do your duty, but you should dare and go beyond your powers. At least this is what the three rescuers of EKAV Patras taught who were invited to a social event and saw a man collapse in front of them.

The incident happened on Saturday night at a table held in the area of ​​Romanos after a baptism.
During the dance a man collapsed, losing consciousness and causing panic. It was the businessman Tasos Xipolias. Fortunately for him, among the guests were also three EKAV rescuers. The two brothers Nikos and Konstantinos Iliopoulos and their cousin Dimitris Iliopoulos. Their reaction was immediate. On the one hand they made sure to deal with the prevailing panic and on the other hand to do the right thing for the man who had lost consciousness as a result of the attack he had suffered.

Tasos Xipolias

They began to provide first aid by doing cardiorespiratory resuscitation (CPR) with the help of his wife who was a nurse for several years at Thorakos Hospital. At the same time, they had called EKAV. However, their experience of the events they have faced led them to the decision to transfer the sufferer as quickly as possible to a hospital.


“We knew that by the time the ambulance arrived from the port station, where they were in Romanou, precious time would be lost that could have been decisive for his life,” explains one of the three rescuers, Nikos Iliopoulos.


He adds:
“We asked for a farm car to come and without stopping to give him CPR we put him in the cart, in which I also got in with two other relatives of his. I continued to do CPR and the other two helped stabilize me, because you realize how the rural that his son was driving was running. At the same time, “Agios Andreas” was notified, which was not on duty, but was the nearest hospital and within seven minutes we were there. Indeed they were waiting for us in full readiness from the hospital porter to the entrance of the Emergency Department which were paramedics, doctors and nursing staff. With very quick procedures they received him, did the retraction, stabilized him, intubated him and sent him to the University Hospital of Patras where he was on duty”.

The three EKAV rescuers to whom Tasos Xipolias, Nikos Iliopoulos, Konstantinos Iliopoulos and Dimitris Iliopoulos owe their lives

The doctors who treated him at “Agios Andreas” were cardiologist Dionysios Ktenas and anesthesiologist Laura Danasescu. Both were on duty at the Clinics as the hospital was closed for emergencies but as soon as they received the notification of the patient’s arrival they rushed to the ER and waited for him at the entrance so that not a second was wasted.

“Truly the team of “Agiou Andreas” was more than ready and they deserve the credit for rescuing this man. And I want to emphasize with the opportunity given to me that as EKAV rescuers we have never had a problem of cooperation and directness with “Agios Andreas”. He is always ready when we have an incident,” notes Mr. Iliopoulos.


The team of Cardiology professor Pericles Davlourou received him at the PGNP and performed the required operation (vasioplasty – balloon) and then the team of professor Fotini Fligou treated him in the Intensive Care Unit, from which Mr. Tassos Xipolias was discharged yesterday.


The family, for its part, publicly expresses its warm thanks to the three rescuers. In fact, conveying the remarks made by the doctors, his son, Byronas Xipolias, states: “If the three rescuers had not done what they did, my father would not have arrived at the hospital alive. The efforts they made and their decision to transport him by truck to the hospital without losing precious time, worked decisively for his survival. We owe them his life. And of course, warm thanks to the doctors and nursing staff of “Agios Andreas” and the University Hospital of Patras”.

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