The tender for the operator of the Thessaloniki Metro has been announced

The tender for the operator of the Thessaloniki Metro has been announced
The tender for the operator of the Thessaloniki Metro has been announced

The tender was announced for the Operation and Maintenance of the Thessaloniki Metro Network, a project worth 292 million euros

In the announcement of tenders Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for five projects total budget 1.2 billion euros proceed it Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

These are two dam projects, two road projects as well as the nomination of the Thessaloniki Metro Operation and Maintenance Agency.

The ministry’s announcement in detail:

– “Operation/Maintenance of the Thessaloniki Metro Network

The project includes the maintenance of the stations, the tunnels as well as the rolling stock, while it concerns the main line and the extension to Kalamaria.

The project budget is 292 million euros and the duration of the PPP is a total of 12 years.

It is noted that the implementation of the project through PPP ensures the provision of high quality services with the risk of availability of the provided services being transferred to IFS, without responsibility and additional costs at the expense of the State.

– “Study, Construction, Financing of the Upgrading of the road axis EO2 (Mavrovouni – Edessa, Giannitsa Bypass, Chalkidona Bypass) and operation/maintenance of the Axios river – Edessa bridge section”

The project, with a budget of 358.8 million euros, includes the upgrading of three sections of the road axis Thessaloniki – Edessa (especially the part of Axios River – Edessa) as well as operation and maintenance.

It is expected to contribute to the upgrading of the safety of the road infrastructure of central Macedonia and the better service of residents and visitors.

It will also be important to improve road accessibility and access to the international Airport of Thessaloniki and also to small regional airports (e.g. Kozani, Kastoria).

– “Vertical Axis Drama – Amphipolis (Paleokomi)”

The project concerns the construction, operation and maintenance of the upgrading of the Drama – Amphipolis National Road, either by restoring and widening sections of the existing road or by constructing completely new sections along the section from Paliokomi to Mavrolefki, and from Mavrolefki to Drama with a total length of 43 km

The budget of the project amounts to 200.4 million euros, while with the upgraded road axis, the travel time is expected to be significantly reduced by approximately 30 minutes for passenger cars and by approximately 45 minutes for heavy vehicles.

– “Construction of the Enipea River Dam in Farsala (in the Palioderli location), water distribution networks and other accompanying works”

Scope of the project, with a budget of 185.5 million euros, includes, among other things, the construction of:

  • of the dam on the Enipeas river at a location approximately 5km east of the community of Skopia, Palioderli location. The dam will be rock-cast with a clay core, 77m high, crown length 850m, reservoir with a useful capacity of 115 million cubic meters and a lake area of ​​approximately 5,000 hectares
  • reservoir water supply works, for the irrigation of agricultural land with a total area of ​​107,500 sq.
  • projects for the water supply of the city of Farsala and 31 settlements in the area of ​​Farsala.

The project will also provide excellent quality water supply to Farsala and a number of other settlements in the area, with a population of approximately 10,000.

– “Projects to exploit the water potential of the Tavronitis River PE Chania Crete

This is a decades-old request to irrigate high-yielding agricultural lands, such as the high Platania zone and areas of West Kissamos Chania, saving water for other uses, such as the water supply of settlements and tourist facilities.

The physical object of the project includes, among others, the construction of:

  • of the Derianos Dam (Papadianon site) on the Derianos tributary of the Tavronitis River and the accompanying technical works,
  • of the Sembroniotis Dam on the homonymous tributary of the Tavronitis River and the accompanying technical works,
  • of the connecting tunnel of the two created reservoirs, for the transfer of water from the reservoir of Fr. Sembroniotis to the depositor of Fr. Derianou,

The budget of the project is 215.4 million euros.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis stated:

“Since the beginning of our government tenure, in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, we have made it clear that we encourage PPP projects.

And to absorb community resources, but also to utilize, for the benefit of all, the specialized know-how of the private sector, in order to provide solutions to problems, with small and large infrastructure projects throughout the country.

By announcing the PPP tenders for five new projects with a total budget of 1.2 billion euros, we promote innovation, work for development and serve the public interest.

Public-Private Partnerships are not only an additional financial tool for us, but also a conscious political choice of strategy regarding the implementation of projects.

Proof of all this is that we promote 20 PPP projects with a total budget of over 4 billion euros. Without dogma and ideologies, we proceed with the implementation of small and large projects that address important problems and improve the quality of life of citizens, stimulate local economies while at the same time contributing
in strengthening our national economy.

Despite the adversities and extraordinary circumstances we are experiencing, we continue our work undivided”.

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for infrastructure, Mr. Giorgos Karagiannis stated:

“This is an important milestone in our choice to proceed with PPP tenders for useful projects, which will be well-maintained and functional for many years.

We moved quickly and within about 2 months of the approval of the tenders by the PPP Interministerial Committee, we are proceeding with their announcement. The five projects with a total budget of more than €1 billion are set to revitalize local economies, boost growth and improve road safety. At the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, we implement PPP projects with a budget of more than 4 billion euros, using an important financial tool transparently and without restrictions.”

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