12-year jump in life expectancy in Greece

12-year jump in life expectancy in Greece
12-year jump in life expectancy in Greece

A notable decline occurred in 2021 in the life expectancy of Greeks. This is the worst performance since 2010, according to the recent data of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

According to the data, Hellas was one of seven European Union and OECD countries that recorded a decline over the last year. The rest are n Germany, the Czech republic, the Poland, the Hungary, the Lithuania and the Latvia.

Greeks lost more than a year in life expectancy, falling to 80.3 years, from 81.4 years in 2020. The reduction is large, both for men (77.5 years, from 78.8) and for women ( 83, from 83.9 years).

Of the 21 members of the European Union included in the OECD list, Greece ranks 14th, far from other Mediterranean countries such as Spain (she is first), Italy (it’s third) and Portugal (11th).

Indicative of the difference, is that the average Spaniard lives exactly 3 years longer than the Greek, the average Italian 2.5 years and the average Portuguese almost a year longer.

The difference should not be considered accidental, as our country presents a constant very high excess mortality in the European Union. The impact of CoViD is also high, with Greece currently having European first in cases and deaths. Smaller reduction in life expectancy in Greece was also recorded in 2020.

Life expectancy at birth in 2021 (in years)

1 Spain 83.3
2 Sweden 83.2
3 Italy 82.9
4 Luxembourg 82.8
5 France 82.5
6 Finland 82
7 Belgium 81.9
8 Netherlands 81.5
9 Denmark 81.4
10 Austria 81.3
11 Portugal 81.2
12 Germany 80.9
13 Slovenia 80.9
14 Hellas 80.3
15 Czech republic 77.4
16 Estonia 76.9
17 Poland 75.6
18 Slovakia 74.8
19 Hungary 74.5
20 Lithuania 74.5
21 Latvia 73.4

Life expectancy is the number of years an average person of a given age is expected to live. Numerous factors can affect it and these include habits such as smoking and chronic diseases.

Life expectancy at birth in Greece per year (in years)

2010 80.6
2011 80.8
2012 80.7
2013 81.4
2014 81.5
2015 81.1
2016 81.5
2017 81.4
2018 81.9
2019 81.7
2020 81.4
2021 80.3

As shown by the OECD data, the image of our country is deteriorating, with life expectancy steadily declining, with the exception of 2018, when it reached 82 years.

The 2021 performance is the worst on record in the last 12 years, falling below the levels of 2010 and 2011.


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