Georgia Bika: At the Areopagus for her rape case

Georgia Bika, accompanied by her new lawyer, Nikos Dialynas, asked the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Isidoros Dogiakos, for the annulment of the order for filing her complaints about rape in a hotel in Thessaloniki.

Georgia Bika and her lawyer pointed out, among other things, that the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court is their last hope for justice, otherwise, as they stated, they will appeal to the European Court.


“As I told you from the first moment justice is never lost and from the first moment I maintain that I will go to the end. I have the facts, we all have the same rights. I have come to file an appeal against the acquittal. I believe that the Greek justice will see all this. If the Greek Justice does not see it, then I will also appeal to the European Court with all means until the end” pointed out Georgia Bika upon her departure from the Areopagus.

“The will states that because I was wearing high heels that day, I was unable to walk. In the videos that exist and are evidence, they show that when I go I walk fine in the same shoes and when I come back and look for my car I stumble. Which goes to say that high heels aren’t to blame. It’s purely because of my situation,” he also emphasized.


The lawyer of the complainant, Nikos Dialynas, pointed out that there are too many elements that need to be reviewed and “maybe it is the last hope to avoid being resiliated abroad”, adding: “If there is no appeal, we will appeal to the European Court of Justice and other institutions, who will see things that were not taken into account and things that will not be to the honor of our country”.

In the forecourt of the Supreme Court, women, members of collectives against violence against women, held a rally in support of Georgia Bika.

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