Theorium: Parade of parliamentarians in Maximos

Theorium: Parade of parliamentarians in Maximos
Theorium: Parade of parliamentarians in Maximos

A large number of MPs have been crossing the threshold of the Maximos Palace in the last few days, having a face-to-face not only with the new Deputy Minister Yiannis Bratakos, but also with Kyriakos Mitsotakis. As column bis has pointed out, the case of the surveillance leads from the facts to the need to tighten the relations between the government and the Parliamentary Group, which is the one that is fighting the battle of the cross in the electoral districts.

In addition, in this way, the prime minister becomes a direct communicator of both the situation throughout Greece and the internal balance of the faction, as each member of parliament expresses to him (and) his complaints about his constituency.

On the table are submarines

Deputy Minister of European Affairs Ana Luhrmann will be received today by Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, repaying the hospitality extended to him by the German side last July during his visit to the Bundestag. At noon, the two ministers will sit down to a working lunch, where they will have the opportunity to talk about the whole matter, with the interest for the Greek side focusing on the issue of the sale of German submarines to Turkey, as well as reparations. For now, Berlin shows that it treats the matter more positively for Athens, something that of course remains to be proven along the way.

Shut down the reshuffle

The way in which Kyriakos Mitsotakis was placed in the last cabinet had another news: he closed any scenario of reshuffle, as he addressed the ministers and asked them to provide political support until the elections, which minimizes to zero the chances of changing the scheme.

at 3%

We were used to hearing the phrase “you will return to 3%” usually from N.D. or PASOK executives when they addressed SYRIZA. Yesterday, she had a different addressee, as we heard her from the minister of the N.D. to a PASOK executive. In particular, Adonis Georgiadis, after an intense skirmish he had with Odysseus Konstantinopoulos, told him at the end: “Take 3% and let’s be quiet. Come on. Let’s finish.” The interesting thing is that the recipient was a deputy minister in the Samara government and one of the leaders of the anti-SYRIZA front, which reflects how far the front has now split between the two parties.

After Tsipras

After the presence of the official opposition leader Alexis Tsipras at the TIF, the main part of the investigation committee is expected to begin. This is determined, that is, around September 20. If the Examination lasts one and a half to two months, then it will be completed by November.

Local battles

Real battles have been fought recently in many municipal and regional councils on the subject of surveillance. The opposition is trying to bring the issue to a vote, which administrations usually refuse, as the toxicity will also be transferred to local councils.

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