Article MP SYRIZA P.S. P.E. Kozanis Kalliopis Vetta: “Accuracy brings society to its knees while the government raises its hands” | Daily update for Kozani since 2001 –

Article MP SYRIZA P.S. P.E. Kozanis Kalliopis Vetta: “Accuracy brings society to its knees while the government raises its hands” | Daily update for Kozani since 2001 –
Article MP SYRIZA P.S. P.E. Kozanis Kalliopis Vetta: “Accuracy brings society to its knees while the government raises its hands” | Daily update for Kozani since 2001 –

The arrival of September is always a special milestone for households and businesses as they are faced with tax obligations, inflexible expenses and suffocating planning for upcoming activities.

In addition, this autumn finds Greece in an untenable context as the double-digit inflation of 2022 creates a great pressure on incomes, while electricity tariffs are increasing at a rate that ranks our country in the top three in Europe.

Unprecedented records in electricity – cost of living.

Based on official Commission data, Greece is first in the European Union in increasing energy costs for businesses and third for households, while wages are stuck at pre-2010 levels.

At the same time, our country is in fifth place regarding the increase in the cost of living, with a particular burden on households belonging to the poorest and middle classes.

The government’s response to the accuracy records is familiar and trite: unabashedly insisting that this is an international crisis – while glossing over the fact that other countries took timely and substantial initiatives, eg Spain and Portugal on electricity, where a megawatt hour is 3.5 times cheaper; while the VAT on gas is reduced to 5% or Germany with the subsidy of train travel, with unlimited journeys for 9 euros per month. At the same time, we constantly have “measured measures”, communication delays and recourse, once again, to individual responsibility.

The government that had promised “many and well-paid jobs” turned citizens into hunters passcoupons and allowances for fuel, electricity, vacations, work and culture and at the same time, invites them to change their behaviors and preferences, to cover its own responsibilities.

At the same time, the budget figures for the first seven months show that there is fiscal space, as revenues have soared due to tax collections from revaluation of goods and the accompanying VAT. (2.4 billion euros) as well as from the recovery of tourism to pre-pandemic levels.

In summary, the situation is as follows: incredible appreciations in goods, construction, transport, everywhere and flows from VAT, lead to increased revenues for the government which, I remind you, did not proceed with any reduction in tax rates throughout of 2021-22. From these revenues, i.e. the taxpayers’ money, a part is returned to certain beneficiaries, in the form of vouchers, while another is diverted to be used for customer and pre-election commitments.

The same paradox, with government unwillingness and/or incompetence, is taking place in electricity, where profiteering is subsidized by insisting on maintaining the adjustment clause and the energy exchange.

Dark Clouds in the Economy – Degradation of Democracy

At the same time, triumphalism about the economy is clouding as bond yields soar above 4% and European newspaper reports highlight the mounting problems (increasing debt – to 189% of GDP – and deficits, low productivity, reduced competitiveness, minimal foreign investments).

And of course, there is no need to refer to the collapse of the institutions and the Democracy with the wiretapping scandal that has stigmatized our country internationally, with a series of reports and articles about government surveillance that, soon, will concern the European Commission as well, apart from by the Greek Parliament and the Judiciary.

Proposal of SYRIZA P.S. actually

From the very beginning, SYRIZA P.S submitted specific proposals for dealing with the crisis, in order to support the vulnerable and middle classes.

In summary, for energy, we propose the restoration of public control of PPC and networks, a maximum rate of profit in the wholesale market, disconnection of the wholesale price from natural gas, protection against power cuts.

To be precise, it is necessary to increase the minimum wage to 800 euros in order to absorb inflation, reduce the VAT on food and basic goods, reduce the VAT on fuel, coordinated controls on the market, while the Fund must be utilized Recovery for the support of businesses instead of the methodical provision of funds to interests friendly to the N.D..

Crisis as an opportunity

Crisis is opportunity, some argue, usually cynically. N.D. he confirms it in practice to create an image of efficiency while he is a traffic controller of interests and super profits. The truth is, he acts like the fireman who lets a fire start, and then brags about trying to put it out.

Indeed, the crisis is an opportunity to realize the government’s inability to provide solutions and perspective to society, an opportunity to deliver the final blow to authoritarianism, dynasties and fireplaces, an opportunity to take our lives back.

In the coming period it will be seen who has justice and truth on their side, the government that is triumphant or the society that is experiencing continuous impasses and is demanding a change of policy.

The answer is obvious.

Calliope Vetta

MP SYRIZA P.S. P.E. Kozani


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