The trial of Petros Filippidis continues today

The trial of Petros Filippidis continues today
The trial of Petros Filippidis continues today

The friend of the third complainant will testify

The trial of actor Petros Filippidis is expected to continue today due to summer holidays of the courts for one month.

The friend of the third complainant, who has reported the actor for attempted rape, is expected to testify today in 2014 in his car in Psychiko.

The testimony of the witness not completed and will continue today by asking questions from the defense.

As the witness testified, she saw her friend shortly after the alleged act took place and what she saw scared her. “He was a different person. Dark speechless, as if something terrible had happened to her. She had lived the worst nightmare of her life.”

Referring to what the complainant described to her about that day, the witness said that “I’ve known her since 2007, we had common interests, bonded and had a close friendship. In 2014 we were working together on a show and sometime in July, very happy, she told me that a well-known actor approached her with messages about collaboration, who saw photos of her from the tour. At first he didn’t tell me who he was. We actors are also a bit cautious. After a few days, he told me that he made an appointment with the actor in order to talk about a professional collaboration and then he told me that it was Petros Filippidis…

We had arranged after the meeting to meet up to go to the show together. Indeed we met and when I saw her I was scared. The girl was another person. She was dark, speechless, thoughtful, as if something very terrible had happened to her. I asked her what happened, how the meeting went. She told me that the meeting went badly and that he attacked her. She didn’t continue and because she was ready to cry I didn’t insist…

We went to the show and the next day I asked her if she wanted to tell me something. We met and he told me about the attack but again with difficulty… In the following days, when he calmed down a bit, he started telling me details. He told me he had a nightmare. The worst nightmare of her life and she didn’t wish this on anyone…as she told me, they met with P. Filippidis in a cafe to give him her CV.

There they hardly discussed at all as a friend of his came and talked with him. Then Mr. Filippides offered to take her to her house in his car. A. refused but he was vertical, he did not accept objection. Wanting to be polite and hoping to be able to discuss something more with him, she accepted.

They started, but he took another route and after a while he led her to a dead end. There he closed the fuses. A began to be very afraid, she did not understand. He suddenly put his hands on her and started to tame her… He opened his pants, grabbed her by the neck and pressed her towards his genitals. She screamed, shouted, tried to push him away, he didn’t stop, he continued obsessively.

She was trapped and couldn’t do anything to protect herself except to resist with all her might. While at first she seemed to tease him, at some point I don’t know why, because she got bored? Was he scared? Annoyed, he opened the door, and threw her out shouting “come on c… you want a role”…”.

The witness was then asked to answer some questions such as why her friend did not file a complaint at the time. She claimed that she was urged not to do so because of a beating she herself had suffered and when she went to the police she was discouraged from filing a complaint.

“I knew that what she said was true, I saw a person broken and I saw her in the following days as well. I didn’t know what to do to help her, to relieve her, except to tell her that I believe her and I’m by her side. Somehow she wanted to go away, leave it behind, bury it, she felt like she was drowning. I advised her not to have any contact with this man.”

Chairman: Didn’t you tell her to report it?

Witness: I didn’t know it was a criminal offence. It’s an extreme thing but because I had a similar experience of abuse with a beating, when this happened the neighbors called the police, the police came and luckily they temporarily helped me get rid of the abuser. But when I got to the police station they told me that they would make a recommendation to him and then they would
I had to sue and maybe that would piss him off and I should be careful

Chairman: Domestic violence is not what you say it is. Otherwise people would go unpunished.

Witness: I know. But then I was a student. I could see and understand the fear in A’s eyes. Fear takes over many times and you retreat. I then changed my city, changed my phone and for years I lived with the fear that one day he would come to a show…

Prosecutor: Did A indicate in 2014 that she was considering filing a complaint?

Witness: No, fear prevailed. She was afraid that she would find it in front of her.

Prosecutor: You said you didn’t even know if it was a criminal offense. But it describes something very serious. What was her position?

Witness: That it was a heinous sexual assault, but we didn’t know at the time how to handle it, given who the perpetrator was… What prevailed were the consequences this could have on her life and work. She weighed in on the fact that she should move away, not do anything that could move against her…

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