“To continue the free transportation of students”

“To continue the free transportation of students”
“To continue the free transportation of students”

Member of Parliament Rodopis had a meeting with the Rectoral Authorities of the University of Athens on the issue of the suspension of free student transport

Rodopi MP SYRIZA-PS Dimitris Haritou had today a meeting with the rector of the University of Athens Alexandros Polychronidis and the vice-rectors Maria Michalopoulou, Fotis Mari and Raphael Sandaltzopoulos, on the occasion of the major issue that has arisen for the university and its students with the interruption of the free student transportation to Komotini and Xanthi from 1the September 2022.

The deputy was informed by the rector’s authorities that all the efforts they have made up until now, in order to continue the free transportation of students, have been fruitless, since, as it became known, there was no corresponding response, especially from those who had contractual obligations towards in university. Even taking into account the great financial needs of the university, for which it seeks to secure additional resources from the Ministry of Education, in order to cope with the increased demands of the new year.

Mr. Haritou expressed his categorical position that “a solution must be sought immediately with a view to continuing the free transportation of students to and from the university, as in previous years. Especially, in fact, in a period of economic crisis when the students’ families are unable to shoulder yet another financial burden. In this direction, all those involved must contribute, and of course the Ministry of Education, by moving faster with the extraordinary financial support of the IFT.

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