Georgia Bika: This is how she arrived at the Areopagus with her lawyer

Georgia Bika arrived at Areopagus, accompanied by her lawyer. The complaint he had made in Thessaloniki had caused a sensation and pan-Hellenic interest. She insists that her rape will be proven as long as it takes…

Georgia Bika, accompanied by her lawyer Nikos Dialynas, arrived at the Areio Pago shortly after 12.00, in order to challenge the will that acquits the 27-year-old who she has denounced as her rapist.


The 24-year-old had complained that she had been raped on New Year’s Eve in a luxury hotel suite in Thessaloniki, from a well-known and wealthy family.

Women had gathered outside the courthouse who wanted to support the 24-year-old by their presence. “With Georgia as her vindication”, were the slogans on the banners held by the gathered women.


It is recalled that the Thessaloniki Criminal Court, in a published resolution, accepted the 60-page proposal of the First Instance Prosecutor Kyriaki Kliabas, who, basing her acquittal proposal on all the evidence in the case file – including witness statements – but also in the scientific results of the examinations by the Forensic and Toxicology Laboratories of Thessaloniki and Bern, he came to the conclusion that what the complainant testified “constitutes fiction and unabashed lies”.

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