Larissa honors Hippocrates

Larissa honors Hippocrates
Larissa honors Hippocrates

and extroversion as a Hippocratic city is now promoted by Larissa, opening new horizons in the direction of extroversion. The city of Larissa, authorities, bodies and associations, in the last seven years have launched an important and systematic effort around its historical relationship with the founder of Hippocrates Medicine.
In recent years, at the beginning of September, events and activities have been organized and carried out that highlight both the work of Hippocrates and the work of the Medical Department of the University of Thessaly, which completes thirty years of operation. This year’s events, under the title “Hippocrates – The Eternal Return”, are upgraded, while the program now certifies Larissa as a Hippocratic city.
The events are held with the support and cooperation of the Municipality of Larissa, the Region of Thessaly, the Department of Medicine of the University of Thessaly, the “Hippocrates in Larissa” Association, the Panhellenic Medical Association, the Larissa Medical Association, the World Hippocratic Institute of Physicians and the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos.
In particular, the events and actions that will take place focusing on Hippocrates concern:
* In the twinning of the Municipalities of Larissa and Kos. As is known, Hippocrates lived for years and died in the area of ​​Larissa, while he was born in Kos. A delegation from the Municipality of Kos is expected in Larissa, led by the mayor of the island, Mr. Theodosis Nikitaras.
* At the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Department of Medicine and the Municipality of Kos and the island’s Hospital.
* At the particularly important central event that will take place in the courtyard of Mylos tou Pappa, in which the work of the composer Dimitris Maramis “Namata and Iamata (Symphonic Odes for Iasi)” will be presented.

From the 2nd to the 4th of September, the work of the 1st Hippocrates Congress, organized by the University of Thessaly and the Department of Medicine of the University of Athens, will take place in Larissa, in Biopolis.
The Conference, in addition to the scientific program, which will be attended by students and graduates of the Department with great careers in Greece and abroad, also aims to further highlight the Hippocratic tradition of Larissa through the ongoing cooperation of the Department of Medicine with the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos and the World Hippocratic Institute of Physicians, with the aim of internationalizing Hippocratic ideas in the field of Medicine and beyond. Besides, it is a given that the initiatives of the Department of Medicine of the University of Athens, all these years, contributed decisively to the emergence of Larissa as an Equestrian city.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 2, the official signing of a cooperation protocol between the sister municipalities of Larissa and Kos will take place at 12 pm in the hall of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Larissa. In the same place, the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Municipality of Kos, the Hospital of Kos and the School of Medicine of the University of Thessaly will also be signed. In the afternoon of the same day, at 6 pm, the opening ceremony of the 1st Hippocratic Congress will take place, in the building of the Medical School in Biopoli. Also, as part of the parallel events of the Conference, tomorrow Friday, September 2, 2022, at 8 p.m., in the Second Ancient Theater of Larissa, the Oath of Hippocrates will be performed by graduates of the Departments of Medicine for the year 2021-22, with the participation of the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos and the World Hippocratic Institute of Physicians. On Saturday, September 3, at 10.30 in the morning the mayors, Kos Theodosis Nikitaras and Larissa Apostolos Kalogiannis, in the name of the twinning of the two Municipalities, will plant an olive tree at the Hippocrates Monument, while a tour of the Kos delegation will follow in the First Ancient Theater .
The events culminate on Saturday evening in the courtyard of Mylos tou Pappa, with the presentation for the first time of the new work by Dimitris Maramis, “Namata and Iamata (Symphonic Odes for Iasi)”, with the participation of the acclaimed soprano Myrsini Margaritis, of the award-winning women’s choir InDONNAtion and the Larissa Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of the important conductors Christos and Dimitris Ktistakis.
The work comes as a hymn to health, healing and medicine, more relevant than ever, after the pandemic that shook the entire globe in recent years.
The work, symphonic and vocal at the same time, is based on important texts of antiquity, such as the Orphic Hymns, Sophocles’ Philoctetes and the Hippocratic Oath, while rendered in the original ancient Greek language. Melodic and mystifying at the same time, it presents the arduous journey from darkness to light, from disease to treatment, from pain to healing, praising the absolute necessity of health for man.
It should be noted that entry to the event is free, but upon presentation of an invitation, which can be obtained from the Vice-Mayor of Culture and Science, Mylos tou Pappa, main building – ground floor, daily from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Doors open at 19:30. Event starts at 20:30.

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