Eleonora Zouganelis in a unique concert at the Alsos theater

Eleonora Zouganelis in a unique concert at the Alsos theater
Eleonora Zouganelis in a unique concert at the Alsos theater

After a very successful cycle of concerts the Eleonora Zouganelis closes her summer tour with an explosive final performance at Alsos Theater the Monday, September 19. With a new band, with his new songs Stamatis Kraunakis who recently released an album entitled “What can we say» but also with what we have loved so far.

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What will we hear at the concert in Alsos?

He will take us on a journey with the songs he wants to tell us so that we can have fun, love, feel, be moved, smile, dance and hope all together.

And the truth is that it’s always hard to guess an Eleonora program because every time it’s different, every time it’s what she feels. But you know that Eleonora on stage is always genuine and authentic, she is a body and a voice that is on fire, she is always present and sincere.

The rest are filled in by those under the tent. All those who will be there, to make this summer evening, one and only for everyone. All those who will not be there to remember or relive any normality, but to experience something as if it were the first and last time.


Date: Monday, September 19, 2022

Start time: 20:30

Artist: Eleonora Zouganelis

Take part: The musicians: Yannis Angelopoulos – drums, Lampis Kountourogiannis – guitars, Vassilis Nissopoulos – bass, Dinos Hatziiordanou – accordion, Stelios Frangous – keyboards, piano

Ticket price: A’ Zone: 40€, B’ Zone: 35€, C’ Zone: 30€, D’ Zone: 25€, E’ Zone: 20€, G’ Zone: 15€, Standing Zone P.o.: 10 €

Venue Information: Alsos Theater, Evelpidon 4, Kypseli – Field of Ares

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