spiral: A four-day Culture and Sports in Patras, without the Municipality

In a statement, the spiral states:

September in Patras begins with a four-day event rich in cultural and sports activities. From the 1st to the 4th of September, the “1st Panhellenic KiteSurf Championship” and the “5th International Poetry Festival of Patras” will be hosted in the city. These are private initiatives that, in addition to high-level events, bring to the region positive visibility, high traffic, parallel actions and additional economic (and not only) movement.

The spiral applauds these initiatives and expresses its admiration for our fellow citizens who dare to undertake the conduct of such level of events, in the midst of difficult times. Equally commendable are the institutions and companies that participate, as co-organizers, supporters or sponsors. Apart from their practical willingness to give back to the local community, such synergies promote the spirit of cooperation and solidarity.

At the same time, the specific events demonstrate the enormous potential of the Patras area, both in terms of infrastructure and in terms of specialized and high-level human resources. These are not “fireworks” of the moment, but efforts with depth and substance, made with responsibility and seriousness. Evidence: the institutionalization of the poetry festival and the fact that the KiteSurf national team will be established in Patras, for the first time!

There are other similar efforts in the city, with common characteristics that they are initiatives of individual persons or collectives, the high level of the events and the pan-Hellenic, pan-European and sometimes global scope. Just last Monday, for example, the “International Festival of Culture and Tradition” was hosted at the pier of Patras with the participation of dance groups from 4 countries. Accordingly, poets from 12 countries participate in the “Patra Poetry Festival”, while for the “Kite Surf Championship” athletes from all over Greece and from 6 foreign countries have already arrived in the city.

Who is solemnly absent from these (and other similar) events? The Municipality of Patreon. We find it unimaginable and we don’t intend to… get used to it. The municipal authority not taking initiatives – due to incompetence, indifference, bigotry or lack of understanding – can be understood, but not supporting the local organizers who spend so much in Patras, is absolutely reprehensible.

The spiral congratulates the “Gateway of Culture in Patras”, the “Sailing Club of Patras”, the “CapeDrepano” sports club, the “Poetry Office” and “CultureBook” as well as all the local organizations that support the above events. He also congratulates any individual, group or association that undertakes similar initiatives. The spiral believes in an administration of the Municipality of Patreon that will make it a self-evident supporter of any serious initiative that highlights our place and benefits its citizens. And we fight for it.

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