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Filling student places at the 4th Experimental Primary School of Ermoupoli

Filling student places at the 4th Experimental Primary School of Ermoupoli
Filling student places at the 4th Experimental Primary School of Ermoupoli

It is announced that according to decision number 61/DEPPS of 8/9/22,

there are student vacancies in the 4th Experimental Primary School

Ermoupolis in the following classes:

A’: 8 seats

B’: 12 places

D’: 2 seats

F’: 2 seats

To fill these positions, a lottery will be held on Wednesday, September 7,

12:00. The applications to participate in the lottery are submitted from today, Thursday 1/9/22

until Tuesday 6/9 at 12:00,

a) with the personal presence of both parents/guardians, otherwise the application is accompanied by

responsible declaration of the absentee that he consents to the participation of his child in the procedure

and marital status certificate,


b) electronically to the email address of the school unit

of interest with the necessary supporting documents attached. In this

case the protocol number is sent electronically. In case the application

is filed electronically, the responsible declarations of both must be attached

parents/guardians from

Each application is assigned a code which is the protocol number of the application.

The parents/guardians of the students concerned are entitled to testify

application to a single Experimental School.

Participation in the lottery is allowed regardless of his/her place of residence


The draw is carried out at the relevant Experimental School under the responsibility of the EPES and the

of the school’s administrative bodies by a three-member committee appointed by the EPES and the

school administration bodies. His representatives may be present at the draw

association of parents/guardians of the school. The relevant Lottery Committee has as its task

of, the conduct of the lottery and the drawing up of the relevant execution minutes

lottery, accompanied by an attached ranking table, as shown by

procedure, which he submits to the EPES, at the end of the procedure.

The draw is completed when all the tickets have been drawn from the lottery and

a table is drawn up with the order of export and the codes.

The EPES validates the result and communicates it with a relevant announcement to

his website and the school notice board.

For more information you can contact the school.

Contact phone: 2281082241

EMAIL: mailto:[email protected]

Attached: Application-Responsible Declaration

The article is in Greek

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