Hearts break at the funeral of 19-year-old Thalia

In an atmosphere of deep sorrow and with honors from the Navy, the funeral is taking place at this timea of 19-year-old naval cadet Thalia Kordambalouwho passed away unexpectedly last Thursday, on her first training trip.

The body of the unfortunate girl arrived shortly after 12 noon at the Metropolitan Church of Agios Achillios in Larissa, with family, relatives and friends accompanying the cadet to her final residence.

Tragic “figures” her parents who arrived in arms and burst into tears entering the church, still unable to believe that they lost their 19-year-old daughter so suddenly and unjustly.

The funeral procession is expected to take place at 13.00. Dozens of Naval cadets from the class of the 19-year-old girl are also in the church from early on. military honors award and part of the Navy Band. The Chief of the Naval General Staff Vice-Admiral Stylianos Petrakis and the Commander of the Naval Cadet School Vice-Admiral Ioannis Pattas arrived in Larissa earlier.

A funeral speech is expected to be delivered by the class leader of Thalia Kordambalou, the leader and the school administrator Naval Cadets.

“We want to know what he died of”

THE the body of the 19-year-old arrived at noon on Wednesday in her native country, Larissa from Italy and was transferred to her home, in the Papastavrou district. From early in the morning, wreaths with messages from relatives and friends of the girl arrive at the house. “We will miss you our little girl“, “our niece you will always be in our hearts”, “we will love you forever”, “good trip my granddaughter”, are just some of the messages that “break” hearts.



The pain in the Damasiou Street house is mute, with the parents unable to believe that their child has passed away from one moment to another. Dozens of people who knew and loved Thalia keep arriving to leave some white flowers. Everyone speaks in the best words about the 19-year-old and asks to know how she passed away from one moment to the next.

Statements from relatives and friends of the 19-year-old 2

Statements from relatives and friends of the 19-year-old 3



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