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Larissa: Friends and relatives will say the last “goodbye” to 19-year-old Thalia, the naval cadet who died suddenly on a training trip.

Unspeakable sadness and deep pain for the entire local community of Larissa today as the city bids farewell to 19-year-old naval cadet Thalia Kordambalou.

The funeral service will be chanted at 1 pm from the Metropolitan Church of Agios Achillios, where friends, relatives and colleagues have already gathered to say goodbye to the 19-year-old. Outside the church, a naval frigate is lined up to pay the respects, as reported by


Yesterday, Wednesday, the body of 19-year-old naval cadet Thalia Kordambalou arrived in Larissa. The C-130 military aircraft that transported the body, as well as Thalia’s parents from Italy, landed at the 110th Fighter Wing airfield while a motorcade followed to the home of the unfortunate girl. At the request of the family, the body was moved to the 19-year-old’s paternal home, in the Papastavrou district.

The autopsy was completed last Tuesday evening and now, the Greek authorities will be officially informed with the translated documents that will arrive within days from Italy.

In the city of Larissa are the Chief of the Naval General Staff Vice-Admiral Stylianos Petrakis, the Commander of the Naval Cadet School Vice-Admiral Ioannis Pattas, as well as 19-year-old Thalia’s classmates from the School. At the same time, the prescribed honors from military awards will be given at the ceremonies. The military leadership together with the Chief of the Naval General Staff Vice Admiral Stylianos Petrakis, will also be represented by the head of TA, Lt. Gen. G. Fasoulas and the deputy commander of the 1st Army, Lt. Gen. Ast. Saddler.

“I don’t know how to tell you what my child died of”

The father of the unfortunate student, speaking to Mega, said that he hopes that the forensic examination will shed light on the cause of his child’s death and that the procedures will be completed immediately so that they can say goodbye to her in Larissa, together with those who knew and love her.

I don’t know to tell you what my child died of. I read scripts too, but nobody really knows“, said the father of a 19-year-old girl.

The Chronicles

It is recalled that Thalia Kordambalou died during the established summer training cruise after setting sail from Lagoulet, Tunisia and before landing in Naples.

Her first training voyage began on July 20, bound for the ports of Bar in Montenegro, Marseille in France, Lisbon in Portugal, La Goulet in Tunisia, Naples in Italy and Souda.

However, she did not manage to complete her journey to the port of Souda, since, probably due to poisoning, she developed a high fever while on board the general support ship (GSP) PROMETHEUS. On August 23, he was transferred to a hospital in Naples, where he ended up in the early hours of August 25.

Unanswered questions

Her relatives, devastated, are searching for answers. The 19-year-old experienced a rapid deterioration, suffered multiple organ failure and finally breathed her last in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Naples. Her teacher remembers how happy Thalia was last year, around this time, when she learned that she managed to get into the School she so desired.

“We’ll all be there. The whole neighborhood will be. Let’s start with relatives, friends, school. Last year we ate sweets because she was happy that she had passed and this year we will go to her funeral,” said the student’s traditional dance teacher.

The microscope has entered the three days of August 18-21, when the ship the 19-year-old was on board, had docked in Tunisia. It is being investigated whether during an outing in those days, Thalia ate or drank something that caused her poisoning. A few days before, the 19-year-old had contracted the coronavirus while on board, she had overcome it, however, the possibility is also being considered that her body was already weakened and that any infection or poisoning caused her severe illness that led to her death.

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