They welcomed Georgia Bika to the Areopagus with a banner

They welcomed Georgia Bika to the Areopagus with a banner
They welcomed Georgia Bika to the Areopagus with a banner

First entry: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 11:29

Members of women’s organizations hung banners outside the Areopagus upon the arrival of Georgia Bika, who is appealing to the Supreme Court against the decision to acquit her alleged rapist.

With slogans such as “Cops – Bosses – Judiciary, All together wash away every rapist” protestors raised their banners when Georgia Bika arrived with her lawyer Nikos Dialynas.

What Georgia Bika and the lawyer said after their exit from the Areopagus Court

Georgia Bika, upon her exit from the Areopagus, stated that “the will says that because I was wearing high heels that day, I could not walk. In the videos that exist that are official evidence and are in the case file, they show the moment I leave that I am walking fine in the same shoes and the moment I come back and look for my car I am stumbling. Which goes to say, that the high-heeled shoes are not to blame. It’s purely because of the situation.”

Her lawyer Nikos Dialinas stated that “You understand that we cannot say much. Today we filed a petition with the Supreme Court’s prosecutor’s office requesting the annulment of the decree, which was issued. In our appeal, we are saying too much, but also about what has not been done during the preliminary trial.” To a journalist’s question about whether Mr. Dialinas has identified points that need to be reviewed, he answers “Perhaps it is the last hope of not becoming a resiliency abroad, if no appeal is filed we will appeal to the international court and other institutions.”

“At this moment I feel stronger than ever and with more stubbornness and confidence, to be able to prove everything that happened”, the 24-year-old woman, who is determined to exhaust all remedies for to assert its right, even appealing to the European Court of Justice. “In the will that I took in my hands, offensive and unprecedented things were written. There is a lot that has changed and they are trying to say something else, in order to close my own case”, underlines Georgia Bika.

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