Food allowance – Food Pass: “Countdown” for a new voucher of 200 euros for shopping at the supermarket

Food allowance – Food Pass: “Countdown” for a new voucher of 200 euros for shopping at the supermarket
Food allowance – Food Pass: “Countdown” for a new voucher of 200 euros for shopping at the supermarket

Vulnerable groups and low pensioners are to receive the new ‘Food Pass’ – €200 food allowance for supermarkets.

With the citizens’ battle against punctuality continuing and expected to peak during the winter, the government is preparing the appropriate allowances which will be announced by the Prime Minister at the TIF in Thessaloniki.

So far, the measures that seem to have locked in are a new punctuality check close to Christmas for vulnerable citizens, a new fuel pass which will be larger in amount and include more citizens as beneficiaries and of course the continuation of subsidizing electricity and natural gas bills

With food prices constantly rising, the idea of ​​a supermarket voucher is also on the table. It is a new food pass of 200 euros, similar to the fuel and power pass, which will enable low-income and vulnerable groups to shop for food and necessities in supermarkets.


The Food Pass, according to information, will be given to those who are really in need, just as the extraordinary Christmas and Easter allowance was given in the following categories:

  • low pensioners
  • unemployed
  • Vulnerable social groups

It is recalled that the five categories that had received the extraordinary allowance the first time were:

676,735 low-income pensioners had received 200 euros

625,000 families with children had received an extra amount of child benefit

241,281 beneficiaries of guaranteed income had received a double payment

166,982 people with disabilities receiving welfare benefit had received €200

34,964 uninsured seniors had received 200 euros

In any case, the measures that are on the table, as Finance Minister Christos Staikouras has made clear, will be examined but not all will be implemented.

“We have a page of many different measures. There are many measures on the table, we have costed them all, we have prioritized them and depending on the margins that exist there will be the relevant announcements. The announcements about the measures will be made at the TIF and not later, since the measures should be described in the draft Budget, which is submitted to the Parliament on the first Monday of October.”

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