The municipal authority in the vortex of the absurd

The municipal authority in the vortex of the absurd
The municipal authority in the vortex of the absurd

In the announcement of the municipal faction it is stated:

If reality does not agree with us, so much the worse for reality. This was implemented by the municipal authority to answer a question from Oras Patras regarding the cycle path.

Why was the bike path chosen to pass outside the port wall, limiting the only exit road of the city, Othonos Amalias, and creating various risks for cyclists and drivers?

Mr. Kordas replied disparagingly about the municipal authority: “you are irrelevant, uneducated, you don’t know, there was never a question raised by the OLPA to grant three meters through the wall for the bicycle path”.

However, the facts are relentless, since in an announcement by the POLPA on 22/4/21, it proposes amendments to the port zone, stating that it requested a teleconference with the Mayor and all factions in order to be informed, which the Mayor refused. For this reason, in a private meeting between the Mayor and Mr. Kordas, the OLPA, among what it proposed for the port in the second point, states that “the line of the three-meter wide port zone in the northern port should be amended and corrected from the moment the bicycle path crosses the which is being constructed by the Municipality of Patreon will pass outside the port fence”.

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Therefore, they have been committing crimes against the city for 8 years, trying to build a bicycle path which apparently goes to Kalendas.

When other cities have kilometers of cycle paths to demonstrate within 1-2 years, Mr. Peletidis has been building for 8 years without delivering, of course we recognize that they are copying the cycle paths of other cities and promoting them as their own… in the future…

In the same way they mocked us, when we claimed Kallipateira Square and pointed them to funding from the Green Fund program, their favorite expression was “greener fund and green horses”.

We deliver them to your judgment as being responsible for the delay in the progress and development of the city.

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