Papadopoulos: “We have acquired players with famous names, but we are not flying in the clouds…”

Papadopoulos: “We have acquired players with famous names, but we are not flying in the clouds…”
Papadopoulos: “We have acquired players with famous names, but we are not flying in the clouds…”

They remain grounded on Mars, as reported by the team’s communications manager, Kostas Papadopoulos, speaking to SPOR FM. Despite the footballers acquired, who are big names, they are not skyrocketing, he said, adding that they did not suddenly become a super team.

What Kostas Papadopoulos said:

For the latest moves: “There is excitement in the world but we are not in that category. The names we have acquired are loud, but we do not fly in the clouds. We are waiting for them to show us their good side. People are excited and rightfully so. We remain humble. These additions in addition to quality will also give depth. We expect them to prove their quality on the Cypriot pitches as well. The truth is that as I see this year’s transfer period, great players have come not only to Aris”.

For Kakorin: “She is promising from Fiorentina. We are talking about a player who started his career from Dynamo Moscow. In fact, he is the youngest scorer in the team’s history. His course from then on was upward. He also played for Zenit and Fiorentina. He has participated in two Euros and one World Cup. We are waiting for him to confirm his resume with his goals. He has prepared with Fiorentina. If he is not at the same level of readiness as the others, he will be close.”

For Stepinski: “It is again in the form of borrowing. I get the impression that the reason we were able to bring him back is because of his injury. It’s kind of an oxymoron. But the fact that he had a good season last year made it difficult for him to stay. Injury played its part. He’s not 100% ready yet. It will become clear in the next few days when it will be ready. In a few weeks I think he will be able to take time.”

For Boake: “A young Ghanaian modern fullback. He had good performances and many participations. It comes to give depth. He can also compete as a stopper. The depth area hurt us last year. It seemed we didn’t have the necessary depth.”

For Médeube: “He is an Algerian born in France. He came on a free transfer. He is a 25-year-old central defender, very hardworking. He played in the first division last year with Bordeaux. We hope it will help us.”

About the roster: “We are content to note that much of this is theoretical. We have to see them on the field. There is always room for improvement. We believe that we have a complete team that can cope with the demands of the new year.”

Regarding whether the new acquisitions are Cyprus: “They are all Cypriots except Boake.”

On whether the new signings will be in tomorrow’s match with Olympiakos: “I don’t have that information yet. It’s possible that Kakorin is on the mission but I say that with great caution. For Mediub it is very difficult.”

For Olympiakos: “A game that will be very difficult. I have watched all the games except APOEL-Paphos. There is no such thing as an easy game. Olympiacos will come with the goal of getting a point or points. Our coach has laid out his plan so that we can get the second consecutive victory”.

For racing: “Gomis will not be 100% ready. In all probability, he will not be available to the coach.”

For the world: “We want our people to continue to be by our side. It may be Friday but management and investors have given the world a boost with the latest signings.”

For team goals: “We know very well that we are not playing alone. We didn’t suddenly become a super team. There has to be consistency to stay on top. The key words for us are stability and continuity. From then on, if the time comes and you can for something better, why not. Our goal is to see game by game and be competitive.”

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