The Archdeacon Democratic Teachers of Larissa for the new school year

The Archdeacon Democratic Teachers of Larissa for the new school year
The Archdeacon Democratic Teachers of Larissa for the new school year

On the occasion of the start of the new school year, the Archdeacon Democratic Teachers of Larisa state the following in their announcement:


for the new school year, 2022-2023, which begins, we wish all our fellow teachers health and strength of soul, to meet the demands of our difficult, but essential and multifaceted work. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish strength and perseverance to our students and their parents, who will join us in their own difficult struggle in the new circumstances created by the crisis we are experiencing.

The new year begins with a multitude of problems, which we are asked to face.

The extension of the term of office of principals and vice-principals continues for the third year since the Ministry, with the passing of the new law in the summer of 2021 for the selection of education officials, abolished the boards, but has not yet started (and it is unknown when) the procedures selection of new executives!!!. Only leaks that WILL start!!

While several colleagues are waiting for the second phase of postings, to be in the place of their interests, the Ministry not only did not proceed with its implementation, but in many areas it has hired substitutes in the vacancies. We believe that new postings should be made immediately and certainly, before the next phase of recruitment of substitutes.

Regarding P.Y.S.D.E.n. In Larisa, the same project continues.

Colleagues with organic were placed to fill the schedule with an A assignment in other schools and others came to their school!!

Colleagues on secondment remained in the air with temporary placement, while there are schools without teachers in their specialty,!!!

Colleagues newly appointed and substitutes were asked to make a declaration of placement in schools without knowing the gaps, since the placements – dispositions – detachments of the permanent ones were made after the deadline for submitting their application.

There is no need to comment that they placed teachers with an organic position, characterizing them as being at the disposal of the P.Y.S.D.E. (at least this year no pensioners were placed)!!!

And in all of this, the majority of the PYSDE while admitting that in the placement decisions, which the DDE recommends through their reading by the secretary to the council and the two regular members accept it, there are mistakes and omissions, they are waiting for their colleagues to point them out with their tensions!!!

What is the role of the Service Council? Should he accept that the deputy DDE proposes and ex post vindicate the colleagues who objected, or should he make sure that he makes decisions that do not cause tension from the colleagues, applying the laws?

We wish once again to all our fellow teachers health and strength of soul to meet all the difficulties!!!

Good start.

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