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34 teams declared participation, will they all take part?

34 teams declared participation, will they all take part?
34 teams declared participation, will they all take part?

CORFU. It is possible that 14 teams of the A and 20 of the B category entered the EPSK lottery for the championship, that is, as many as declared participation, but the question is whether they will all compete? And that’s not because someone withdraws at the last minute for their own reasons (we’ve seen it many times in the past), but if they meet the condition of the Avgenakis law, which says that all clubs registered in the GGA Registry will be excluded.

The last extension of registration in the GGA register or validation of the clubs that were written, ended August 31, 2022, without having any movement from EPO, EPS, from football in general that requested all amateur teams to be able to play in the season that starts. The federation and the EPS had reacted strongly and this because according to the law from September 1, a team that does not have the special recognition from the GGA, does not have the right to participate in championships or cups, as well as to use public or municipal sports facilities.

A few days ago we had a letter from FIFA/UEFA to Avgenakis and a meeting of Ceferin (UEFA) in Maximos with the Prime Minister on this matter, but nothing changed in relation to the EPO’s request for its teams.

Officially, however, as of the early afternoon hours of Wednesday 31/8/2022, nothing has changed and we are waiting to see from Thursday, September 1 if any team belonging to EPS Corfu (out of 34) is not in the Registry and what will happen in such a case case. There is the assessment by the president of the Union, Mr. I. Vlachopoulos, as he told us a few days ago, that all teams will take part and there will be no exclusions.

We are now waiting for the official position of the state and the EPO on the matter, which has been preoccupying the clubs for two years, with the risk that a large part of them will not have the right to participate in the season that begins.


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