Positive messages from the 2-0 win by Iraklis Larissa (photos)

In their first friendly against Iraklis Larisas at the Neapolis stadium, Niki Volou prevailed 2-0 thanks to goals in the 12th minute by Gavrielidis and in the 90th minute by Tziora, who was used as a defensive midfielder (!) for 25 minutes of the total 31 who competed in the … “point” of the match.


The blue-and-whites were the best team, they were not in danger, since they were serious defensively, while they had the phases for a bigger score, with Gavrielidis himself having two more important chances, constantly pressing into the area.

The team of Alekos Bosniadis in front of hundreds of spectators showed some quality writing samples, without impressing, but gave positive messages for the continuation against a team that came down to play football.

Certainly, during this period it is normal that the footballers did not have the required rhythm, that there were specific good intervals and certain partnerships did not work out, while it should be noted that Tsoukalas, Panagiotidis and Ballas were sidelined due to minor injuries.

The arrangement of the groups

In the first half, Niki had Bayic under the goalposts, while Kassos, Gromitsaris, Delizisis, Anastasiou were placed in defense from right to left to left. Kyriakidis was a classic defensive midfielder and Metse and Gavrielidis were “eights”. On the wings were Bruno Moreira (left) and Miranda (right) and forward Rojano.

In the second, Burganis, who had entered from the 32nd minute, started in goal, with Topalidis (right back), Logaras, Andreou (stopper) and Dimitriou (left back) in the defensive four. Metze played as a six this time, Krimitzas and Gavrielidis in front of him were at the center of the midfield, while Bruno Moreira continued on the left. On the opposite side Olaisola played and at the top was Siafa, who had replaced Rojano at the end of the first half.

For Iraklis Larisas, the starting eleven included Koutzavasilis (goalkeeper), M. Kapsalis, Kamperis (full-backs), Galitsios, Angeloulis (stopper), Soubasis, Bamis, Tsimikas (central midfielders), Lesai, Mantikas (winger), Mezini ( fore).

The phases of the fight

Niki made it 1-0 in the 12th minute, with Rohanos, who had been pulled to the right, crossing for Gavrielidis, who beat Koutzavassilis with a header. The latter touched the ball, but did not manage to hold it and it ended up in the goal.

In the 13th minute, Bruno Moreira, who was applauded for some of his actions, with a quick movement with the ball at his feet converged from the left on the shaft and shot just outside the area centimeters above the left window, while in the next minute from the shaft and with good conditions, Bamis had a shot outside the left post at the opposite goal.

At 35The minute saw the next notable move, with Miranda finding Bruno Moreira at the back post from the right, who laid for Meche. The central midfielder of Niki, who has a good performance, failed to beat Koutzavassilis.

In the 44th minute, another very good chance was missed, with Gavrielidis being the final recipient of the Bruno Moreira-Metse combination, but Koutzavasilis was better prepared this time to head the newly arrived Niki midfielder and blocked even with difficulty.

In the 69th minute, Gavrielidis found himself in a shooting position for the third time, but Papagiannis saved his close-range header for a corner in the movement after Topalidis’ cross, to reach the 80th minute, when Andreou headed in Olaisola’s corner from right sent the ball just wide of the right post.

Finally, in the 90th minute, Gioras with a very nice aerial corner left shot after Dimitrios’ low cross shaped the final result, which was 2-0.

VICTORY OF VOLOS PART ONE (Bosniadis): Bayics (32′ Burganis), Kassos, Anastasiou, Gromitsaris, Delizisis, Kyriakidis, Metse, Gavrielidis, Miranda, Bruno Moreira, Rohano (45′ Siafa)

VICTORY OF VOLOS PART TWO: Burganis (63′ Misirlis), Topalidis, Logaras, Andreou, Dimitriou, Metse (59′ Tzioras), Krimitzas, Gavrielidis, Bruno Moreira (75′ Gianis), Olaisola, Siafa (82′ Togias)

The 1-0 phase of Victory

The basic XI of Niki


The basic eleven of Iraklis Larisa


Bruno Moreira made promises


Gavrielidis in a dynamic claim for the ball


Miranda in his duel with Lesai


Gavrielidis accepts the congratulations of his teammates on the first goal


Niki lined up on the pitch before kick-off


Referee Theocharis with his assistants Sfyris and Samaras and captains Gromitsaris and Galitsios


Gavrielides’ missed chance in the 44th minute

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