Aegio lost the battle: the CoE allows the transfer of the Physiotherapy department to Patras

With disappointment they welcomed in Aigios, the rejection by the Council of State of the request to suspend the transfer of the Department of Physiotherapy.


The development was announced yesterday by the president of the Bar Association of Agios Giorgos Beskos, who stated:

George Beskos

“Unfortunately, I was informed a while ago that the suspension application was rejected. We are waiting for the reasoning and we will take a position on it, as the omissions of the minister and the rector were obvious based on the law”, says Mr. Beskos. At the same time, he notes that on October 13th the main application will be heard which will definitively judge the existence or not of the physical therapy department in Aigios.


For his part, the mayor Dimitris Kalogeropoulos commented to “P” on this development, stating that “we fought our fight, because we think we are right and we will now wait for the hearing of the main application on October 13”.

Dimitris Kalogeropoulos

The vice-mayor of Utilization – Management of Municipal Property – Higher Education Grigoris Triantafyllopoulos stated the following: “The difficulty, according to the estimates of the lawyers, for the outcome of the application for suspension was known to us, but we had to exhaust all means to stay of the school in the city.

Our main goal remains the trial of the annulment of the Presidential Decree set for October 13, 2022, where the judges will consider not the form, but the substance of the case!

Aegio lost the battle: the CoE allows the transfer of the Physiotherapy department to Patras

Grigoris Triantafyllopoulos

Municipality and agencies are waiting for the fair and proper judgment of the Justice to remove the gross injustice against the city by issuing a DP that was the result of methods and illegal actions.
At the same time, in this phase, every way is being considered, so that we can facilitate the students who have chosen to live in Agios, for their transfer to Patras at the start of the academic year, something that will be announced within the next few days”.


The rector of the University of Patras, Christos Bouras, speaking to “P” after this particular development, said: “As I told you before the decision, we respect and will respect any decision of the Greek justice system. After this development, we proceed with the full implementation of the presidential decree regarding the transfer of the Physiotherapy Department from Aigio to Patras”.

Aegio lost the battle: the CoE allows the transfer of the Physiotherapy department to Patras

Christos Bouras

As “P” has written, the rector’s authority had already launched all the procedures for the establishment of the Department in its new place. At the same time, he had prepared for the examinations of the Department’s students, which begin on Monday, in Patras.

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