Ilias Mamalakis is furious: He ate “porta” in a well-known Italian restaurant in…

Furious with familiar Italian restaurant in Kifissia he became famous chef Ilias Mamalakiswhen he wanted to make a reservation for food, but the managers slammed the door on him.

The beloved chef and presenter Ilias Mamalakis, as he reports in his Facebook post, wanted to reserve a table at a well-known Italian restaurant in Kifissia, to eat with a couple of his friends who came from Italy, but things did not go as planned he was waiting for them, as there was no reservation available for the time he wanted.

The dialogue with the restaurant employee

I called the restaurant […] in Kifissia to book a table for 4 people. The […] it is a restaurant that I really love both the space and the food. I go at least 2-3 times a month” says Ilias Mamalakis.

So I want to treat a couple of friends who came from Italy. I pick up the phone and a lady comes off the line:

– please for tonight I would like a table for 4 people at 8:30pm

unfortunately we can’t at 8:30 pm. Only if you want at 8:00 or 9:30 pm

– but we told our friends 8:30

– unfortunately it is not possible and you know we are doing it for your own good so that you can be served better

This is the first time this has happened to me, so you can tell me what time I will come

That is, if I came without a reservation and you had an empty table, wouldn’t you give it to me???” Mamalakis continues in his post.

I won’t tell you too much. I thanked her and told her my name and told her to pass on to the person in charge that for me (states restaurant name) it’s over and I’m sorry about that because I like the restaurant. In the end, I ended up at the favorite (he mentions another restaurant) of my beloved Nikolas, who give you a table any time you want,” concluded the well-known chef Ilias Mamalakis in his post.

Ilias Mamalakis’ post caused strong reactions on social mediawith many Facebook users rushing to take a stand on the incident.


After the extent of the issue, the beloved chef and presenter Ilias Mamalakis is back with a new postthis time criticizing the media, speaking of “The voracious monster of gossipy information” that “woke him up early in the morning to suck blood” for his post about the restaurant.

The voracious monster of gossipy information woke up this morning to suck blood through my post yesterday and the dialogues that followed. M has been picked up by all the channels. The phone call always starts with “What are you doing, how are you?”. And then they ask you for an interview. I refused everyone consciously. I will not feed the dragon any more. Symbolically, I uploaded a photo of pickles from the Michalitsa Restaurant in Lemnos. Let the passions calm down,” wrote Ilias Mamalakis.

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